4.6 5 0 60 60 Bite into real chunks of dark chocolate, cashews, coconut and quinoa.
Special K Nourish Coconut Cashew And Dark Chocolate Chunks Bars With Quinoa
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So good
The Taste is great and its such a healthy snack. Something nice to have to tie you over.
Chewy and great
I love these Special K bars. They are so soft and chewy. There are plenty of nuts packed into the perfect sized bar. They are great to take out hiking and as an afternoon snack. Nice naturally sweet flavour.
I am a snack bar junkie and....
and I quite enjoyed these. Love the chewiness and flavour combinations.
It’s a granola bar
I got this as a free sample somewhere else and it was good, not anything special. I love quinoa and the nice amount of fruits and nuts. I topping might make the product better, I probably would recommend this.
My favorite
These special K granola bars are by far my favorite. They are filling, they are not overly sweet and they taste great. Been putting them in my lunch for maybe 2 years now, I never get tired of them.
Very satisfying
Gets you through a 2pm afternoon hunger or holds you off until lunch
Very filling snack
These are one of my favourite granola bars! They are super filling, as they are very rich with granola and nuts. They are not overly sweet, but they do have a very nice taste. Great snack on the go!
Yum stuff
My favorite so far, great taste and not expensive at all
I've purchased the Special K Nourish Chewy Nut Bars Chocolate Coconut Cashew for my family and everyone enjoys them. You can see and taste the generous amounts of healthy ingredients. There is a good balance of flavourful ingredients in every bite. A feeling anything snack that is perfect for on the go.
I like dark chocolate and I really liked the cashew and coconut. It is such a great combination of ingredients.
I keep a stash of thesein my car. They are my go to emergency snack. They are calorie wise and contain whole foods.
I really like these bars. I liked that they are nutrtitous as well.
These bars are amazing! I always have them at home, the taste is so good and dark chocolate is a plus.
These were delicious! They were chewy and soft, with great taste!
I enjoyed these tasted very rich and satisfying. I liked you can see the different flavor profiles and made with coconut.

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