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Splenda® Flavours for Coffee
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i really like using them to my coffee and the taste is really good.
I received a sample of the Splenda flavours for coffee in the flavour French vanilla. I absolutely loved this stuff! it takes about have a teaspoon to make the perfect cup of coffee with a French vanilla taste, and it leaves an amazing smell throughout your home.
This gives your regular cup of joe some action and flavour. I would definitely use it to change my daily coffee.
I`m diabetic so I`ve tried different sugar substitutes (this included) and I can`t just get over the bitterness of it. Even the Hazelnut flavour did not mask that.
These are nice if you can`t have sugar but would like to add a little flavor to your coffee. Like the French vanilla.
This didn`t add a great flavor at all. It only made it taste overly sweet
this was the only sugar i would had,but it caused me tummy pain.i wouldn`t recomend it, it taste weird with a horrible taste when you near the end of your drink.
I buy the vanilla flavour with my vanilla coffee, and its vanilla heaven. Love these!
I like these they really do add flavour to your cup of coffee its yummy
I stocked up on these when they first came out and they were only available in the US. I use Splenda anyways and I love flavoured coffee. These are wonderful!
i generally like to add flavouring to my coffee -- but this product is way too sweet for my liking. even with half the sleeve, i found it way to sweet.
love love love thiss!!! so good and the hazelnut one is the bomb
I haven’t tried this but I want to!!! Hazelnut is my favorite flavor, where can I find this?
love the hazelnut flavour. i always buy these for my mom.
I do not drink coffee but I will be recommending this to others in my family. Splenda is usually a high-quality product.

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