4.6 5 0 92 92 Trust us, you’ll want to get out of bed for this! From Canada’s #1 scrub brand, this scrub contains 100% naturally sourced exfoliants blended with coconut & coffee extracts. Bring on the energy of the day with pampered, soft skin!
St. Ives® Energizing Coconut & Coffee Scrub
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No wnergy
I wouldn’t say I felt energized but my face was very clean feeling feeling
Part of my daily routine
Smells great, and does a fantastic job of exfoliating my skin. I Highly recommend it.
Great face wash
I find that St. Ives products are well-priced and awesome; I use them often for my face. They never leave my face red or dry feeling, only soft and clean. My only drawback is that sometimes it's hard to get off in the shower but otherwise perfect!
Great product!
I've used St. Ives for a few years now and I love all their products. I love the smell and the gentle formula. Works wonders on my skin!
Refreshing and I love the warm yummy smell!! I use it every day!
Great for sensitive skin
I have sensitive skin and it is hard for me to find products that do not cause a reaction. I love this scrub as it is good on my sensitive skin and gets rid of any flaky skin and leaves my skin soft and healthy looking
St Ives scrub
This scrub works so well especially for sensitive skin. It gets rid of any flaky or dry patches but it doesn’t irritate my skin. My skin is acne prone but it didn’t cause break outs.
Satisfied User!
Really love this product, very refreshing and it never dries my skin even for everyday use. It smoothens the skin and leaves a radiant look on the face. I really recommend this face scrub!
Reminds me of the apricot scrub.
I love trying out new St.Ives products. This was no exception. I loved this scrub, exfoliating, but gentle enough for regular use. And it does offer some extra 'zing', in comparison to the classic apricot scrub (a LONG time favorite of mine and my mom's!). To be honest, I know I'll never be disappointed trying a new St.Ives product. They're natural, don't test on animals, and avoid having isopropyl alcohol in 3/4 to all of the products they offer. I'm allergic, so I avoid isopropyl alcohol like the plaque,but it's usually in EVERYTHING! And I don't understand why so many products NEED isopropyl. Friends often like my body products (that are alcohol-free) more than their own, so it seems like an ingredient worth avoiding all around. And St.Ives makes that simple. Really, I'd recommend any of their products.
Love this scrub
Good on sensitive. Leaving skin feeling fresh and smelling fantastic. High recommended for all.
Great exfoliator!
Can’t get much better for the price! Leaves the skin getting nice and fresh. The smell is also nice. I find it isn’t great on the face as I prefer a finer scrub. Though if you don’t mind a courser face wash then it is perfect for the whole body.
cheap and works
great cheap product, always works on dead skin cell removal
Smells like heaven!
I have always loves St Ives products, and this one didn’t disappoint! The smell is wonderful, and it left my skin feeling moisturized and silky soft all day!
Wake up
Love the smell especially in the morning. Coffee is beneficial to our skin, but I find something is missing and my skin doesn't feel as good as it could.
5+ star worthy
I was searching for a face scrub that was a bit more cheaper than my usual brand (Biore) and stumbled upon the St. IVES energizing coconut face scrub. It was $6 less than my brand, and I was impressed, at how well the product worked. Product is worthy of more than 5 stars, I have made this my new product for facial cleansing.

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