4.6 5 0 70 70 Trust us, you’ll want to get out of bed for this! From Canada’s #1 scrub brand, this scrub contains 100% naturally sourced exfoliants blended with coconut & coffee extracts. Bring on the energy of the day with pampered, soft skin!
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Wake up
Love this coffee coconut scrub smells great and makes my skin look so refreshed.I only use it once a week when my skin needs a boost .Greta price at Wal-Mart 5.99 .
Very nice
I loved using it in the morning. The smell is nice but more importantly it brightened my face every time I use it.
Nice Tropic smell
I liked the product, smell was tropical and made my face feel clean.
I like the smell of the cream :) and like how it feels :)
Not the best variety but is ok
Personally, I do not like scent of it. I prefer the light flowery scent but the texture is fine. It made my skin supple and soft. I might use it during winter than in summer though.
St Ives scrub
My face feels so clean after I use this, plus I love the smell of it!
Love the smell
This has a different smell then what I usually go for but wanted to try it out. I ended up finding the smell soothing. It made my skin feel great. Happy I purchased this and will definitely buy again.
is okay, is feel for me very strong the scent for the product but overall is good
Feels great!
I like how it leaves my face feeling nice and smooth and on top of that the coconut and coffee scent feels so energizing especially using it in the morning.
Smooth and Clean
gently refreshed my face while leaving it smooth and moisturizer.
Soft and Smooth
This is a great lotion for dry skin and it smells great, not too overpowering. Soaks in to the skin without leaving it feeling too wet or greasy.
Definitely buy and recommend this product skin felt great
It works as I had expected. I love it. I will buy this again.
St ives
This product is excellent ans works very well on skin
Love it!
I love St-Ives products! One of my favourite brands

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