4.3 5 0 88 88 Helps clear blackheads for fresher looking skin.
St. Ives Green Tea Scrub
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Seems to work so far!
I purchased this a few weeks ago and it seems to be working. I like that it's a gentle abrasive (don't scrub too hard). I have noticed a reduction in the amount of blackheads that I have so it seems like it's working. I'm only using it a few times a week because I'm not sure how I feel about using an abrasive at every cleaning though.
Not a fan of the over fragranced -fake smell. Great product besides the smell.
St. Ives makes amazing products. Their scrubs are great!
I LOVE this stuff!!!!! It's such a great product. My skin feels amazing afterward and smells so fresh! Does such a great job on keeping my skin clear. I have such a problem with blackheads and this stuff is just the bee's knees!
Not great for sensitive skin because it's quite abrasive. Doesn't seem to exfoliate that great. Smells good.
I think this green tea scrub is great! It makes my skin really soft and it smells really good! This product works for sensitive to oily skins!
This is my all time favourite drugstore face scrub! The scrubbers are very small theory buff away dead skin beautifully without damaging your skin! It's amazing!
Love it. It is a great gentle scrub and just help with the appearance of black heads. The only tip/note is to wash thoroughly after using it. If you don't you will definitely find like beads on your face. Make sure you rinse it thoroughly!
Great exfoliation, use weekly. Smells so fresh and clean. I love St Ives!
Loved this scrub. The granules werent too rough on the skin but it was still a gentle thorough exfoliation. I really enjoy the smell too.
Love this st Ives scrub, it's one of favorites. Exfoliates ever so gently and leaves my skin feeling clean.
I want to say that firstly, I have a sensitive facial skin which is something I find really annoying to cope with because while my facial skin is sensitive, my skin on my body is a combination type. Anyway, upon my purchase of the St. Ives Green tea scrub, I loved the fact that it didn't react on my face(as opposed to some other products I have tried out in the past). However, I noticed that the grains did turn out way too harsh on my facial skin. So, since I am not the type to enjoy wastage, rather than use my electric facial scrub, I rather used my fingertips during the application and scrubbing. That way, I managed to control the pressure between the scrub and my facial skin, while I prayed for the product to finish fast ;)
One of my favourite Scrubs!!! This is one of the most gentle scrubs (the apricot is too rough) and it cleans to deeply and thoroughly without feeling rough! I love the the brand uses only NATURAL exfoliators which does not contain micro-beads that are harmful to the environment (mostly fishes). Leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean every time!
I like that its easy to use has a great smell and rinses off easily but its breaks me out
ohmygoodness.. this stuff is amazing! love my skin after using it!

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