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Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew Pumpkin Spice
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Nice flavor
I use this product in the fall. Nice little pick me up coffee. Quick and easy to make. Nice strong bold flavor with a hint of pumpkin flavor. Quite enjoy it
Starbucks pumpkin
I feel it’s a bit too sweet. So not my cup of tea
Fall Favourite
Can't go wrong with a pumpkin spiced latte in Autumn
This pumpkin spice coffee was so good! Loved it. Happy I tried it and will keep it in my pantry~for fall! It has a nice spicy taste which is perfect!
Café qui goûte l'automne !
J'adore ce café, il goûte tellement l'automne !! Dès que la fin août arrive, je surveille son arrivé en magasin pour l'acheter !!
Drink of Autumn
During the fall, I always drank this one because it is there for a limited time and personally, I liked it. I think it can be less sweet, but I think it is ok. I recommend it during the fall to drink something else from the regular drinks on the menu.
great for work
I love the convenience of this product without having to hit a Starbucks before work. I take the compact packages in my bag and instantly have a flavourful, rich hot drink for my day on the job!
So yummy
I love the taste. Taste so yummy. Definitely enjoying every cup!
perso comme amateur de café je ne trouve pas ça bon!
this flavor makes you feel like a Fall day it is delicious
Just couldn't get it to mix properly. Always left with some gritty residue at the very bottom of the cup
So convenient!
I work in a shared office space, with some not-so-honest coworkers. In the past, I've left a container of coffee with my own mug and press in the kitchen, only to come in finding the coffee half empty, and someone else drinking out of my mug. Of course, nobody admits to using my things. I have found the Starbucks Via packets so convenient. I don't want a cup of coffee every day, so I can just leave a packet in my purse until an afternoon pick-me-up is needed. Hot water, and a splash of milk is all that's needed to prepare a delicious cup of coffee. I've especially loved the Pumpkin Spice variety - slightly sweet, with the classic Starbucks Pumpkin Spice aroma - this product is a keeper! Now, if only I could prevent my coworkers from stealing my favourite mug...
Pumpkin ??
This is my absolute favourite drink, I’m so sad it’s only available during fall, but when it is I keep a stash. It’s delicious!!! I love pumpkin spice anything
Very Good
Very good product, excellent to fill that Starbucks craving when you are nowhere near one.
This is a very sweet drink, I recommend this for anyone who enjoys pumpkin tasting drinks

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