4.4 5 0 145 145 Starburst Gummies Original candies contain the delicious Starburst fruit flavors you love: strawberry, cherry, orange, and lemon
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The best of both worlds, like a gummy bear and starburst in one!
I would much rather the original candies these are not the same
Not what i was hoping for
It was good, but did not really give the taste of the original starbrusts. A good gummie treat though. I liked how their was no wrapper this time!
I loved that they taste a lot like the original candy! For sure will have them again!
My kids love it
My kids love starburst, what they do not like so much is the lemon and orange flavor which they send for me to eat. For me I quit enjoy these flavor except the exotic punch one.
Bursts of flavor
The starburst gummies taste just like regular starburts but with a nice gummy texture. Way better then gummy bears. And nothing to unwrap. Great for a sweet snack on the go. The kids love them.
Awesome Candies
I really like these candies these have become one of my favourite treats when I have a craving for sweet..
Good Ol' Starburst
I've always loved Starbursts, but what really bothered me was the stickiness that the candy leaves on your teeth, making you feel like you would get an instant cavity. This gummies edition helps alleviate that. Wish that they can expand on flavours!!!
The Original Recipe is Still My Fave
These definitely were not my favourite. They didn’t taste bad by any means, and if your teeth tend to get sore from the harder to chew candies, then these still have the Starburst flavours for sure so you might love them. I just like the harder chew ones way better. The texture and consistency are much more my tastes, and especially if you get a pack of these gummies when they’re tight fresh...I think they’re just TOO gummy.
I love dummies!
I like that starburst has broaden there horizons especially bringing out a gummy version.
Love the flavours
I always carry it in my handbag so that I can have it when ever I feel like and handout to work mates too😀
Once I ate one couldn't stop think they are even better then the origanles
Good product, didn't blow me away though
Starbust has always made amazing products, and this is no different. The candies are pretty plain and nothing to get too excited about. They are tasty, but these candies are not much of an upgrade from the usual Starbust we are all used to.
Starburst gummies..
These are a huge hit with my grandkids and I find them very good..The flavour is very evident!!
I wasn’t expecting more taste.. I didn’t think there was much resemblance to “starburst” flavours. I wouldn’t get them as a regular munch but once in a while. Definitely recommend trying them

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