4.4 5 0 166 166 Starburst Gummies Original candies contain the delicious Starburst fruit flavors you love: strawberry, cherry, orange, and lemon
Starburst Gummies Original
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OMG exactly the same
Wow, When I was a youngster I was involved in a product testing at the Bridalwood mall here in Scarborough. This was the product I tested. As a group we tried this Starbust and watched a TV Commercial with Skateboarders and then answered the questions on a survey. This product is definately the exact original I tried then and every bit as delicious. I would recommend this to anyone who liked Starburst.
Pink is best
Pink is the best flavour with starburst. So a whole pack of pink ones is amazing! I loved that it was all pink and it wasn’t just a small amount. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves pinks starbursts.
Best starburst ever
Most delicious starburst candies ever! The flavor is so intense. What i loved best is they are so soft to chew. Cherry flavor should be next
I love starbust
I'm not much of a candy person, I typicay reach for the chocolate when I do have a sweet craving. However, o could never walk past these in a grocery store and not put it in my cart! Classic but so good
my favourite candies of all time- fruity, tangy goodness! I've loved these since i was a kid and every new version they create is better than the last. i could eat Starbursts all day!
Love the gummy version!
Love starburst gummies. Much easier to eat and digest. Same great flavors as the chewy ones. Easier for younger kids and seniors.
Same great robust fruity flavour!
I just bought the Starburst gummies for Halloween this year. We only get a few kids each year so I buy large sized bags. Well thankfully I bought too much and we had one of these left! They have the same robust fruity flavour that the candy does but in gummy form. Who doesn’t love gummies!! Yum!
Addictive Treat
I love that they're individually packaged. I put them in a bowl on my desk and the students love them. Pink is my favorite by far. Perfect when you want to share them or take a few at a time.
Oh yes
These were so delicious. They have the same great taste as the original, but a nice chewy consistency that made me want to eat the entire bag. Definitely recommend
It has been a really long time since I last tried Starburst. When I saw it in gummy form I knew I had to try it. It did not disappoint me. I have come to like the texture of the gummies this pass little while. The flavour is the same as when I use to take the the original Starbursts from my kids Halloween trick or treat bags.
I love the flavours and the texture of this candy!
These are a hit at home with both kids and adults. Nice juicy taste.
These are AMAZING! they are so juicy and flavorful! I couldn't stop eating them! The pink ones are my favourite. Can you try to make bigger bags? I'd recommend these to any and everyone!
Love it!
These Starburst gummies are the bomb! They are so tasty and the flavours are great. I am usually not a fan of the orange flavours in candies, however with the Starburst gummies I really enjoy the orange flavour. I buy these on a regular basis.
Great quick treat
Every time I buy a bag of these, they do not last very long. They taste great, they’re individually packages so you can grab a hand full or just one and go on your way. You can throw them in a lunch bag or even a backpack. They’re great little treats. Favorite like most people is the cherry ones. Wish you could buy bags of only one flavour

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