3 5 0 4 4 Naturally Sourced Zero Calorie Sweetner Great for Baking Measures Just Like Sugar
Stevia In The Raw®
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Not Keto approved
I recently tried the Keto diet and thought this would be a great sugar substitute. But i found that it has a little too much of a metallic taste for my liking.
Worth the price
As a diabetic I have tried this product and actually baked with it, it's very easy to use, has a great flavour and is better for you health wise than white or brown sugar. I recommend this product.
I bought this as part of my keto/paleo diet trusting it's name. Read the ingredients at home and then thew the product away.
Substitut naturel
Ce substitut naturel au sucre est une alternative intéressante car il est naturel, vient d'une plante et une toute petite quantité suffit pour remplacer le sucre. Je l'utilise dans mes recettes et personne ne voit la différence.

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