Sun-Rype Good Bites Chocolate Macaroon

4 5 0 139 139 Made with dates, seed butter, seeds, cocoa, and chocolate. No unpronounceable stuff in here.
Sun-Rype Good Bites Chocolate Macaroon


This was the first flavour of goodbites that I tried and they are fabulous. A nice, small, healthy treat for when my sweet tooth hits! They are a bit on the pricy side here, but definitely worth it!
These are very addicting. I love anything made from dates. I also love chocolate and coconut making these the perfect sweet treat. I can eat a whole bag while just watching a show.
love love
my whole family loves this stuff have bought a few times now
Surprisingly great
Sun-Rype Good Bites Chocolate Macaroon are more of a date based snack/ dessert than a macaroon. But either way, it’s surprisingly delicious. Slight chew, rich flavour and relatively good for you on the scale of desserts. Would recommend.
Real Jaw workout
I have to agree, they really are on the dry side. Did enjoy the coconut the best but would not waste my money on these again.
They're a bit dry but are still quite good for a gluten free/vegan snack. The dates give them a nice sweetness and pairs well with the chocolate and coconut. The seeds add a pleasant crunch.
An interesting chew
I love chocolate. I love coconut. These were good but a little dry. The coconut and chocolate flavors are there and work in sympatico, neither over powering the other. Excellent chewiness
Recently discovered these little bites of heaven! They’re vegan and gluten free! The chocolate and dates make a great combo with the hint of crunchy seeds and coconut. They’re healthy and they won’t last long if you know what I mean ;)
great little bites on the go or just for a little taste of chocolate without all that sugar... I really do enjoy these as a snack and buy these constantly. I also do recommend if you like these, to also try the other good bites Sun-Ripe sells, the coconut classic is the bomb.
Belle gâterie
Petit plaisir coupable quand on a un vrai goût de sucre. Le bon goût du chocolat en petite bouché super pratique j'ai bien aimé.
Chocolatey Goodness
These were some really good handy bits to have in your cupboard when you just need a taste of chocolate but don’t want to eat just pure sugar. They are nice balanced pieces and the coconut adds to the texture. Great for a pick me up.
These are such a good, healthy snack to have on go. They are super flavorful and hard to tell that they are healthy. I would definitely recommend these as a quick snack to have on the go.
I like them!
If you're looking for a healthy on-the-go snack, I'd highly recommend these. They're chewy and not too sweet. I've even used these as a smoothie bowl topper before for some healthy fats and it was great, I just prefer other brands such as good to go and larabar which is why I'm giving it 4 stars.
Gritty Texture! Not A Fan!
Although Sun Rype is a Canadian brand, I really wish that they made a better product. These “Chocolate Macaroons” have a gritty texture and a protein bar aftertaste! Overall do not recommend! And do not consume after expiry either!
Nice snack!
I love snacking on these and knowing it's a healthy snack! The macaroon one is good but my favorite is the chocolate chip! I always grab a pack of those! They are too good!! They are chewy and have a great flavor. There are a good amount of chocolate chips in each little bar and there's a good amount of bars in the bag. They last me awhile. They have seeds in them which I love like sunflower seeds, and dates I believe as well which give it its chewy-ness and actually add to the nice sweet flavor! Definitely will continue to purchase!

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