4 5 0 102 102 Made with dates, seed butter, seeds, cocoa, and chocolate. No unpronounceable stuff in here.
Sun-Rype Good Bites Chocolate Macaroon
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Just another date snack
The taste of dates is very pronounced. Great that it’s made of natural healthy ingredients, gluten free, vegan and nut free. I would not purchase this again or recommend it to anyone unless they love dates.
Felt like it lefted my mouth dry and it dis not taste good.
really tasty
love these chocolate macaroons from sun-rype, in fact the whole family can never get enough of them. I always put a few in my daughters lunch and they are a good pick me up snack. Just seeing these makes me want to go to the store and grab a few bags, because one is never enough.
Great for afternoon snack at work
I bought this product at Costco and kept the package in my office. They would be the perfect snack in the afternoon with my cup of tea. This product contains all of my favorite ingredients and it lasted quite a while. Not too sweet, just perfect.
I am in love with these. There my go to snack in the eventing.
I tried these over the holidays as well my friend is a vegan and insisted I try one they are honestly gross .. it’s like eating hot chocolate mix and bird seeds absolutely gross
Dry but tasty
I really wanted to like these. They tasted good but were too dry for my liking
I bought this bites for a road trip and I regretted not to buy more. They are very tasty and healthy.
Snack Time
Good flavour but found them to be slightly dry. Is excellent with tea or coffee.
I thought I wasn't going to like it when I was given, but alas it tasted delicious.
Tasty goodness
Nice way to treat oneself. Has delectable chocolate in a very healthy way.
Delicious bites of goodness
Made with simple ingredients, these “Good Bites” satisfy my sweet craving with good ingredients. Not to mention that they are proudly made in Canada.
Can’t rave enough
I thought I wasn’t going to like these but I was wrong! They are yummy. Low in sugar and all natural. Love the texture and flavours. Almost like eating macaroons. A little pricey but very tasty
Too healthy
This snack is really really really dry it takes an acquired taste bud.
Sun Ryle Good Bites
I purchased Sun Ryle Good bites, chocolate macaroon flavour. My family tends to love bars that are similar but we were left feeling disappointed with these. They seemed much drier than the regular similar product that we use. I found them less flavourful as well. They aren’t disgusting, I just prefer our regular product. We won’t repurchase.

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