Sunlight® Dishwasher Oxi Action Lemon Fresh 55ct

4.3 5 0 177 177 Sunlight® OxiAction™ Power Pacs helps eliminate grease, stains and baked on foods with no pre-rinsing required
Sunlight® Dishwasher Oxi Action Lemon Fresh 55ct


Good product
Sunlight oxi-action is efficient and hard on stains. It is cost effective and leaves the dishes sparkling clean. I was satisfied with the product.
J'aime mais..
J'ai de la misère avec ce genre de produit en poudre parce que j'ai toujours un restant de poudre au fond de mes verres. Par contre, il dégraisse super bien comparé à d'autres marques, mais je pense plutôt racheter un produit liquide.
Good buy
Great for dishwasher and leaves dishes smelling nice
Love this product
I tried this product before and would love to try again for sure.I will also recommend this product to all my friends and family ..please invite me to try this product
Sachets lave vaisselle
Pour moi c'est le meilleur en plus pas besoin de le déballer extra
Better than others
Usual powdery pods do not completely dissolve and you are left with a chunk of the pod at the bottom. This pod dissolves completely AND leaves dishes clean.
I have an older dishwasher, and it drives me crazy when I run a load and dishes are not completely clean... I ve tried different brands, but this one does the job well my dishes gets very clean and shiny! I have to say that I ll stick to these pods for now as I don t have to run the dishwasher twice or clean some dishes by hand after the machine wash. Super efficient, would highly recommend
Great on grease
I really like that this works well on greasy dishes from things like spaghetti night with minimal rinsing. Sometimes it's too tiring to rinse everything perfect and pre wash it!
Sparking Clean Dishes
Sunlight oxi-action leaves my dishes sparkling clean. No grease, food or any type of reside left on the dishes. Love the product the way it is. If you have not tried it, I would recommend you give it a whirl.
Ne tache pas
J'aime bien l’efficacité de ce produit en plus d'une bonne odeur de citron frais mes verres sortent tout propre et sans taches. Je le recommande.
Good price
The Sunlight pods are much lower cost than the other dish pods in the market. I find it does a pretty good job for dishes light dishes. For greasy dishes I don't think it worked so well.
Good for the cost
It was a very good price. The only real issue I had was that there were times when the pod didn't completely open thus had to rerun the load. .which o
I had to re-wash everything
I have my typical brand I use in my dishwasher, however, I spotted the sunlight ones for a FRACTION of the price of my go to brand. I love the dish soap, it does a great job, so I gave the dishwasher pods a try. I was super disappointed. The pod left residue and didn't completely wash my dishes. I ended up having to re-wash my dishes. I donated the pods and went to get my go to brand. Perhaps, I got a bad pod, but I wasn't chancing it by continuing to use this product
Loved it!!!
These worked so well. My dishes all came out spotless & my silverware was shiny and new looking!! Will definitely buy this again!!
No pre soak
I want see how well it works, so I didn't rinse the dishes. And they came bright & shiny. The best is that you can just throw the dishes in the washer and forget. I would buy this again & again. Thank You!

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