3.7 5 0 97 97 The powerful formula of Sunlight® cuts through grease with its thick, rich suds to leave your dishes sparkling clean.
Sunlight® OxiAction
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Dishwashing liquid
Nice smell, but this product feels a little watered down in comparison to other dishwashing liquids. I would buy only when on sale.
I actually like this about as much as the 'other' popular blue brand of dish soap. While it doesn't bubble up as much, it does just as good a job as getting the dishes clean and I prefer the smell on this one, though feel lemon is the best smell of washing up liquid. I would definitely buy it again as the price is good and it's comparable to more expensive brands!
I like this product it works good but I think I'll stick to my Palmolive. It keeps my hands from drying out. I do like the OxiAction in the product though.It's not a product I would share or recommend to my friends
I like sunlight products and this one is no different. They have a nice smell and don't dry out my skin. Long lasting and gets the dishes clean.
This dishsoap is Sunlight’s version of the Classic blue Dawn. Sunlight is one of the cheaper brands but it’s still very efficient. This soap is a grease fighter like no other. I would recommend keeping a bottle of hand lotion or rubber gloves nearby if you’re going to be using this dishsoap though, as it dries out your hands very quickly
I really like Sunlight Oxi action dish soap. Our original is Lemon Sunlight but this works well on hard to remove and greasy pans which is a plus!
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I tried this product works really well, does the job. But dries out my skin, so go back to the original lemon one.
Never liked sunlight dish soap, will have to try it next time it goes on sale
I love this, does the job and keeps your hands smooth.
I do not like this product compare to the original lemon one; I think I would just stick with the original
I would compare it to any other brand name dish detergent. Works well, dont need much and leaves your hands soft. Nothing spectacular
Works well, nice clean smell. Seems to work as well as other products, not sure if the `oxy` works any better, as I do dishes right after eating, or always soak really dirty stuff anyways.
Love this dish detergent! It cleans grease really well, and leaves your hands soft
suds last longer and cuts through the grease and leaves your hands also feeling soft

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