4.2 5 0 44 44 10 calories per 250 ml serving. No Aspartame No Artificial Flavours No Artificial Colours
SunRype® Slim™
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Ce jus a un excellent goût. Idéal pour ceux qui ne veulent pas trop de sucre. Moi, je l'utilise surtout pour mes enfants qui sont de grandes buveuses de jus...qui souvent sont pleins de sucre.
SunRype Slim
I found this juice to just be ok. I wasn't overly fond of the flavor and it had a bit of an aftertaste that was not appealing. Not really worth the cut in calories if it isn't going to taste good.
Great Taste
The mango and blueberry juices are both excellent. My only gripe: I wish SunRype would remove the Sucralose and and use Erythritol only to sweeten their 'Slim' products.
Great keto option
Suitable in small amounts for keto diets, love that I have an option when I am missing juice
This is delicious and healthy. I love the strong flavour it has.
My family tried this and really liked it. It isn`t as sweet as the regular one. It tastes lighter but still tastes like juice.
I enjoyed this juice. I really liked that it was not sweet like regular juices. Nice and tangy.
I don`t enjoy this drink. Even though it is sugar free and has no aspartame, it still doesn`t taste very good and has a bad aftertaste
My sister buys this and she let me try it. I really enjoyed it.
I have used these to get off of pop and onto juice and water. With all the flavours and benefits, it has been a great transition
I did not enjoy this at all. I would prefer to water down regular juice to make it "diet". I did like the bottle it came in though
I love this juice. Low calorie and it tastes great.
I tried it liked it, its not to sweet, low on calories and has a nice fruity taste.
Tout simplement délicieux. Celui avec mangue est super. Le goût est très agréable. À mettre sur la liste d`épicerie.
This taste so fruity and so healthy I bought a few more bottles to have on hand... really good...

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