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Swanson Skillet Meals
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It seems to be missing the flavor
I used to buy these all the time and there was always flavor packages or chunks. The last 8 packages I bought did not have any flavor packs. What is going on? I tried to contact the website but it isnt working. I dont have the receipt to return.
We just loved them .
We just love them, the one pan meal. The taste & how healthy they are for you & your family.
Quick Supper
If you’re looking for a quick meal fix this is a good one. Tastes good, ready in minutes, better than some other brands I’ve tried. Lots of different flavours.
Quick dinners
Love it quick fast simple dinners all the swanson skillet meals are great useuallly you open it and poor on the pan and unwrap saue and poor that in some have the sause in the bag with everything but thats it open poor warm done . Meals done simple and easy . the salt is a bit much but i love the balace in the bag between the ingredients
Delicious meal for 2. Quick and easy to make. can be a bit pricey if not on sale but is still cheaper than ordering takeout and I`m pretty sure it would be a lot better for you
So convenient to have one of these in your freezer and pull it out for a quick supper!! I wish the veges were cut smaller BUT that`s nothing against the taste!
Skillet meals are great for a one person meal or a side.My 2.5 year old and I can polish one off no problem, but they are quick, simple and delicious. A little over priced but you can usually find them on sale for alot cheaper.
I love these but they are not very affordable so I would not often buy them.
These are really really good and quick and easy to make. A little pricy though
me and my son (8yrs old) have tried a few of these and find after the first few bites they slowly lose their appeal. It all just kinda tasted the same and find that the sauces have been too salty or to chemically tasting for us
these are fairly tasty meals if you don`t have time to cook. i would highly recommend them over eating out.cl
This isn`t something I would buy but only because I like to make my dinners from scratch.
This is a great idea for those nights where you don`t want to go to the trouble but you don`t want to resort to unhealthy fast foods!
These were not a big hit in the family. Way to salty, could not finish my portion and I had to use 2 bags to feed 2 adults and 2 small children. Will not buy again.
not a hit in my family,lacked a good flavor, not enough to satisfy and very high in sodium

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