4.5 5 0 156 156 Swiffer 360° Dusters has thousands of deep-cleaning fibers that help reduce allergens.
Swiffer 360 dusters
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Idéal pour ramasser la poussière sur les surfaces (meuble de télé, étagères, bibliothèque). Garde la poussière dans les fibres. Pratique et rapide, mais ne remplace pas le nettoyage complet des surfaces.
Great but wish it was reusable
Works very well at picking up dust,dander and small particles, I just wish it wasn’t so wasteful.
It works just not as well as I thought it was going too. I can get a couple spots and have to switch the duster cause it doesn't hold up.
Makes My Life Easier
Swiffer 360 dusters is a quick an efficient way to clean and makes my life a lot easier. I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and the Swiffer 360 dusters saves me time and energy. I definitely will recommend Swiffer 360 Dusters to anyone.
Époussetage simplifié
J'ai toujours détesté l'époussetage que je trouvais ennuyeux mais depuis que je connais le Swiffer Duster 360 avec la technologie "Dust Lock Adhesive" qui emprisonne la poussière et les allergènes, j'ai une toute autre idée de l'époussetage que je trouve beaucoup plus facile avec le manche qui s'ajuste jusqu'à 3 pieds et qui nous permet d'aller dans des endroits difficiles d'accès. Il permet de nettoyer facilement les ventilateurs, les appareils électroniques, les plafonniers et même les objets délicats car son manche s'ajuste au degré voulu pour nous faciliter la tâche. Vous pourrez voir mon vidéo sur Instagram @c.b.1010
Great product
This is great product very easy to used I recommend this product for easy dusting
I first saw the Swiffer 360 Duster on the Brand Power Ad on TV and it looked very appealing. I bought one to try and before you know it I went back to get six more! Comparing the 360 duster to the original, I found the 360 dusters took less time to clean as they picked more dust. I found the size to be perfect as they can be stocked anywhere including the car. I will however be looking to get the extension stick so I don't have to waddle a stool around to clean ceiling fans . I do find these to be on the expensive side, I was lucky to have found high value coupons.
This is by far the best duster ever, it's honestly so easy to use and it gets the job done quick and efficiently.
i just love this Swiffer 360 dusters ,its very easy to use it cleans very well
I got this product thanks to BzzAgent and loved it. It can extend up to 3ft which is great because as a small person I have a hard time reaching high things. It cleans very well my only problem is that they are not reusable/washable.
Great product for dusting the whole house with ease. Although a little pricey, the dusters work really well in locking in the dust so its not flying everywhere while you clean. perfect for someone with allergies i would say.
Swiffer 360 dusters are really great at picking up dust and dirt! The grime clings onto the duster so I don't sneeze as much when I dust! I feel like they're the most effective when there's a lot of dust build-up.
Right off, I'll say that these are a lot faster than regular polish and cloth cleaning, but you're not going to get the same results. I've been ill for a while and as a result, my cleaning has fallen behind. Plus, now that it's winter it's time to dust off ye olde treadmill, so these were ideal to tackle the huge buildup of dust in my place, but if I was feeling well I probably wouldn't use them on a weekly basis. In my opinion, they work best for large build-ups of dust. Here's why; they are great at quickly removing large swathes of dust, but won't get into the nooks and crannies the way you can with a handheld duster. However, you can push them between spokes and shelves, but if anything is light it's easy to push it over. Still it makes a lot of jobs a lot easier.
These are great for general dusting around the house and seem to pick up a lot of dirt and dust!
J'adore le produit car nous pouvons l'utiliser pour nettoyer les fans, les moulures. Les lampes et bien plus encore et il fait du très bon travail.

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