4.5 5 0 150 150 Dust lock adhesive. 24 refills.
Swiffer Dusters
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I love these dusters. I keep one in the bedroom in my side table, and one on my coffee table in the living room. Even when sitting down I’ll whip it out and do a little dusting every now and then whwn I spot some! This is so quick and easy to do, we definitely need to all have the Swiffer Dusters!
Always on hand
these are great to reach the surfaces on edges, up high or down low. They pick up a great amount of dust that is kicking around. I always have a box or two on hand
Will be Purchasing Refills!
We love this product! We have a lot of black shelving with nooks and crannies and these easily pick up all of the dust in 1 or 2 sweeps. They are also awesome for our furniture I would like to know if there is an extendable arm available so cielings can be reached as well.
my everyday buddy
for dusting i use nothing else but swiffer... love it and is my absolute go-to
Traps dust.
This product is amazing. Picks up the dust and holds it. I have two cats and a large dog which create a lot of dander dust and hair. This gets both leaving my furniture dust free.
Like it
For the dust cleaning on the surfaces, this is the only product I am using. All you need to do is swipe the surfaces with this product and you are done.
Never fails.
I have tried other no name brands and always go back to the original. It does not leave long behind. I use it to clean Around the house and car.
A must have for every home
These things are fantastic for any dust in your home. I have a lot of glass and they are perfect. I can use them over and over and they really lock in the dust.
At home and work!
I really like using these both at home and work. It's really handy to be able to take them off and throw them away easily. I can get all the places that are missed on a regulator basis and tight spaces.
Good duster
I just recently bought one and it works great. Gets into all the tight spots real nice. Good reach on it as well. Be nice if it held onto the dust a little better while your using it. Id recommend this product.
Dust Magnet
These dusters are just amazing! They make dusting so simple. These swiffer dusters are very light and easy to maneuver and dust all items. I love them so much I even use them in my car.
The best dusters out there
Swiffer dusters are the best dusters out there! They always get the job done! I’ve tried knock off brands and nothing quite sucks up all the dust like swiffer.
This is the best invention EVER! It makes dusting quick and easy and stuff just sticks to it instead of blowing all over. This is the only product I use anymore.
Swiffer dusters
Can't live with out this product. Love it for cleaning mirrors, picture frames, tables, leather couches, blinds and ceiling fans too.
ok but doesn't get it all
I like the concept and the usability of the product but it doesn't get all the dirt. I usually find that I have to clean the surface before and then use the duster to get the leftovers or for a quick touch up.

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