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Swiffer Dusters
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Dust the dust away
I use this duster for cleaning the California blinds and dusting away dust from the surfaces of the furniture. It does the job well
Love my Swiffers!
Amazing! They collect dust without pushing it around. I use them on all surfaces safely.
Swiffer was a hit with this.
This Swiffer product I do love. Easy dusting. Traps dirt in one easy pass. I can get lots of use out of it so not to costly. Great product.
Swiffer Duster
I love this duster! I keep one in my car to dust off the dash, vents and touch screen. It can be stored conveniently in the glove compartment. Overall, I think this product is very convenient and easily my first choice.
super soft
I love this product. I think is one of the best for scent and cleanliness of the house. Super recommend it!
Love the Swiffer Dusters!
These things clean really well and do good to pick up the dust particles hiding around the house, the key is to get a wand that has an extender to reach the unreachable. It is oddly satisfying seeing how much dirt you caught at the end of the cleaning spree.
I like using them or use them on my hardwood floors are use them to dust all around the house all my little ornaments and whatever I have you're very convenient
Gets the job done.
I like this product as it works really well, it grabs the dust, I just wish I was able to get into tighter spaces.
Easy dusting
I tried these after receiving a coupon, I figured they would be just like every other duster and just scatter the dust. These pick up the dust it sticks to the duster and doesn't fling it around. I'll definitely buy these again. The only thing I don't love is that its a disposable product instead of being recycled or reusable.
Great product for dusting your home!
I love how convenient and easy Swiffer Duster a are to use. With our busy life, Swiffer Dusters make cleaning a breeze. Even our kids enjoy Dustin with Swiffer Dusters
Swiffer Dusters.
I buy these all the time and find them great for quick pick-up dusting. Good for everyday use and no polish build-up on furniture. I highly recommend this product.
So handy
Such a clever device and it really does do a great job at picking up things from crumbs to cobwebs. It is a shame it’s a one use situation. I would definitely recommend this product
Swiffer cleaning
These nice little dusters make cleaning a lot easier, and efficient. They pick up dust particles with no effort and help to keep your home clean. I have cats and they help to clean up their cat hair as well !
Makes dusting easy!
Love these! They take the work out of dusting. They collect dust very efficiently and easily and aren’t strongly scented which is ideal in my house. The handle attachments make them even easier to use. They’re a must-have in my cleaning tote.
Dust bunnies be gone!
My house accumulates a lot of dust which then sets off my allergies, so having swiffer dusters to do a quick run through my house is a life saver. They get the job done.

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