4.1 5 0 452 452 Swiffer WetJet gives you a great clean on virtually any floor in your home.
Swiffer WetJet
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Works well on floors , picks up adequate dirt and grime from floors and the products smell amazing.
Ce systeme de nettoyage est parfait pour les nettoyages rapides, par contre, ne forcer pas trop sur l’article, fait en plastique! J’ai casser la poigné en nettoyant une tâche plus robuste...
Sooo convenient!!
I LOVE my swiffer wet jet!! It is soooo convenient and it cut my cleaning time in half!! The swiffer wet jet pads trap and hold so much dirt!! I would highly recommend this product and will definitely continue using it myself!
Easy to use
The swifter wetjet is easy to use for quick cleanup of spills and messes. It does the job and is even fun for the kids to use. I would like the option of a refillable solution bottle.
Quick Clean
We have 3 dogs & 3 kids. Sometimes there isn't time to get the mop & bucket out for small spills. The Swiffer WetJet is awesome for these moments.
Smells great and cleans great!
I use my swiffer wetjet almost every day! It’s so easy to use because I don’t have to plug it in and all I have to do is drag us across the floor. The kit is great because it comes with everything you need for multiple uses. The solution smells great. I honestly thought it may be streaky or leave the floor feeling sticky, but it’s never been! My only complaint is the swiffer customer service. I had a problem with the first one I purchased so they sent me a coupon to purchase a second one, but it was for a lower value than what the swifter cost so I ended up paying some money for the second one.
Tellement efficace!
Tellement efficace que je ne saurais plus m'en passer !! Nettoie à la perfection les planchers en un tourne main! Facile à utiliser et prend peu de place ! Un incontournable pour de beaux planchers propres!
Game changer!
Whilst it may not be the cheapest option if you are mopping your floors every day this is worth every last cent. Cuts your cleaning time in half, smells great, the design is perfect length so that it is also comfortable for hubby to use. Great buy- in fact going to send to family abroad as they cannot get it there
Works but very wasteful
This product works but is wasteful as you are continuing to buy the pads ect.
I love the swiffer wet jet. It’s easy to set up easy to clean my linoleum floors. This tends to leave them clean But I do notice a sticky feeling afterwards. Maybe I’m using too much product as possible to love this will continue using
Fine for a small space
These worked decently when we lived in a small condo with dark laminate floors. Once we moved to a bigger house with light hardwood floors, not only did this leave visible steaks on the floor, but it also got pretty expensive to use quickly.
Handy to use
Swiffer mops are the quick and easy way to clean the floors. I do have one in the home and one at the cottage. Its an easy way to clean up spills or do a quick wipe down of the floors
Solid Cleaning tool
This is a solid cleaning tool. I use it not only at home, but also on the job. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a hassle free cleaning tool.
Quick mop!
Love these mop! Way easier than the conventional way and smells way better! So easy to use and dispose of the mop pads. I do have one of these at work and home too! They have some wonderful smelling refill mixtures too involving gain.
j'ai recu ce produit lors d'une campagne de déménagement il y a quelques années, la compagnie offrait a plusieurs personnes une boite contenant un swiffer wetjet et une recharge liquide, j'adore mon wetjet il est facile d'utilisation et ce que je trouve pratique c'est que tu n'as pas a te casser la tete avec un sceau d'eau rempli d'un produit a plancher, le wetjet c'est un tout en un

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