4.1 5 0 428 428 Swiffer WetJet gives you a great clean on virtually any floor in your home.
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Quick clean
Works okay when you need to clean up quickly. Pads don't do the deep cleaning or gets into the grout. I find the pads don't pick up the dirt that gets pushed around by the pad. Pads very expensive.
These are great for a quickly clean; but absolutely not for a deep clean. Nothing beats scrubbing your floor on your hands and knees. I also found the more I used this product, the dirtier the grout became. The replacement pads and solution are pricey. Not my top choice in floor care.
Swiffer vs. Life
I'm currently on my second Swiffer Wet Jet; meaning I'm a repeat customer. The handle on the first one broke because of excess pressure on the top of the handle. I have a long haired St. Bernard, a Bassett Hound, and three members in my family that's why Swiffer has become a necessary staple in my cleaning arsenal. When it rains outside my dogs will leave muddy paw prints, despite my towelling their paws. Swiffer helps me to keep my floors clean and I don't need to cart a heavy bucket of water or wring my mop out. The pads combined with the Swiffer floor cleaner help me keep my floors feeling and looking clean. The pads show exactly how dirty your floors really are and are easily disposable. The Swiffer Wet Jet is more expensive than your standard mops on the market. They are easily sourced at your local hardware stores, grocery stores, and big chain stores like WalMart and CostCo. I would definitely recommend and happily purchase a third one when the time comes.
Finally got hardwood floors and I am so releived that I can use a swiffer now instead of getting on my hands and knees and vacuuming corners, or mopping. I can't wait to purchase difference scents of the spray. Love that it leaves such a fresh smell and look.
Cleans my floors
I don't mind my swiffer wet jet when I need too do a quick clean up. I normally use it once a week and it hasn't given me that much issues. I don't think its a deep cleaning system for me as I still need too hand wash my floors once a week as well, but this swiffer jet works when you need a quick cleanup fast. The refills are quite expensive so I have used my own solution and it works just great with water/vinegar. It honestly is great when you have kids that like too spill stuff daily. Quick and easy cleanup. I do recommend.
I use the Swiffer WetJet on a daily basis. It is ideal for quick cleanups and refreshening up when you are pressed for time. So easy to use without any awkward bulkiness. The mop thoroughly cleans leaving behind a sparkling floor and it doesn't take much room to store. It is a convenient product and the appealing scents give my home a pleasant aroma.
I love the Swiffer wet Jet! It's so easy to use and there's no hassle with having to rinse it out every minute like other mops. The only down side is you need to continually buy the cleaning fluid to get a good clean, otherwise it's amazing!!
I very much enjoy the technology and ease of the Swiffer Wet Jet. I have used it very frequently in the past. However, with people in my house with scent allergies, its use has become infrequent. I now use it with a spray bottle in hand filled with water/vinegar. It would be fantastic if Swiffer would allow refillable bottles, or at least strongly reduce the amount of scent used in the spray.
this is the best kind of mop ever. its so lightweight an convenient. its small enough but big enough to get just about any job done.
I used one for years before I found a better product. The Swiffer WetJet creates a lot of waste and costs extra money for all the refills. It cleaned ok, but not worth all the extra $$... I'd recommend getting a spray mop that has reusable pads and you can use your own cleaning solutions..
Was given this by a friend, we have new laminate floors. It does a terrific job, leaves the floor looking so nice and shiny but not slippery or wet. Great products
Having 3 small children, plus 2 others several times a week along with a puppy, the swiffer makes clean ups easy, and less time consuming!
This is a good product for spot cleaning. The pad does get soggy though, so I NEVER use it on my hardwood floors. I only use it in the kitchen, finding my steam cleaner works far better for when I am cleaning my whole suite. This also works well for cleaning dry messes, when adding a J-cloth or rag to the bottom of the unit.
I love my swifter it makes my floor cleanings so easy especially when I don't want to clean
I have tried it. Its nt good as it fails to catch all the dirt. Its kind of overrated according to me. Have to change the pads frequently aftr evry room.

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