4 5 0 7 7 Inspired by the traditional Indian Chai, this flavourful and aromatic adventure is sure to soothe and delight.
Tetley Dark Chocolate Chai
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It good
I like this tea but theres not enough in the pack and it has a sort of odd but different flavour its an odd chocolatey flavour
This tea is amazing. It has such a nice flavour and it is soothing.
I loved this tea. It has the right blend of chocolate and a hint of cinnamon. I drink this when I'm in the mood for chocolate.
A great flavour and good for when your craving chocolate.
I was disappointed, not as flavorful as i had hoped...
i was so excited to try this tea and was very dissapointed. i thought the chocolate flavour was off. gave it to my friend but she has yet to try it
i love chai tea so i was super excited to try the chocolate chai from lipton, it was so delicious i also recommend trying the vanilla chai :)

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