3.8 5 0 22 22 Start your day off in tip top shape with a spice blend of green tea plus cinnamon, orange peel, ginger and matcha.
Tetley Figure Green Tea
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Might buy again
I like how it doesn't have a strong green tea taste. I prefer a Japanese one. Also I just don't like that it doesn't come with a string.
Green Tea Plus
This was a nice tea with all the right taste to it. Not too much green tea taste- just right! Will buy again :)
Mmmm... so good!
Love the taste of this Tetley tea. Very good and healthy and we drink it most often. The price is also great and it does last a long while.
The tea bags can only be used for a slight cup or two which is somewhat upsetting. They don't put enough bags in the can for the price to be that high. Other than that, that one cup is very tasty.
I love tetley green tea. I would purchase this again.
This is my favorite tea. I drink it everyday. It's delicious.
I have tried a few brands of green tea and this is my favorite so far. Love it!
Best green tea ever. I drink it every day and just love it.
This is my favourite green tea flavour around. I love tetley. I love the packaging too. Good for crafts afterwards.
For a green tea this is not a bad product. I love Tetley teas and this is a once in a while tea.
This is the best tasting green tea I have tried.
i am regular user of Tetley. but this green tea has best flavour of all. loveeee it.
Tetley has some great flavours of tea..I always drink the green tea,but this one is good too.
this is my husbands go to tea. he says it tastes fantastic.
I love green tea and have found a love for Tetley`s green tea of all kinds. I love the subtle flavor in this one. What I don`t like is the availability of this one in stores.I just don`t seem to find it as often as their pomegranate one, but that might be just my area.

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