4.3 5 0 146 146 The World's first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef without GMOs, soy, or gluten.
The Beyond Burger®
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Best plant based burgers
By far the best plant-based burgers I have had and will continue to eat them. I love the taste and texture. They have so much flavour and cook really easy. Very impressed and everyone in the family loves them.
Good, but pricey
I'm vegan so this is a great option. I enjoy the taste and texture. Doesn't taste like meat. Easy to cook. It is pricey though for two pieces.
Where's the beef
I think it was pretty good for a meatless burger, but I prefer the real meat burgers. My daughter is vegetarian and she loves them. If they want more people to try meatless the price should be lower then real meat burgers.
Not bad
Not bad, I am not a vegetarian and quite enjoyed these burgers I usually hate all veggie burgers since I just do not like what is in them was pleasently surprised with these!
Best no meat burger
It taste really good ,the texture was good and when i prepared it did not crumble.It was a bit costly but after eating it would buy again.
Decent product but horrible price
I tried out the Beyond Meat burgers after a half price purchase from Safeway because 'why not?' Texture and flavour were good when grilled on our BBQ, not sure how that would hold up in other cooking situations though. I have to be gluten free (celiac disease) so I did like that they were a safe veg based alternative and without overdoing soy products. CONs: The regular price in our area of the country is HORRIBLE. I can get grass fed, blockchain beef here for cheaper. We'll be sticking with real meat unless the Beyond Burger is on for a significant discount.
amazingly delicious
I am not a vegetarian but these burgers are so tasty and moist. I will use them over regular burgers.
Honestly, NOT the best veggie burger.
I've been a vegetarian more than half of my life (started@10y/o).Take it from me, this IS NOT THE BEST VEGGIE BURGER. It's just not.I was disappointed when I tried this first at A&W, they've had a few plant-based burgers before.And all of them were better than the beyond meat burger.All of them.In general, I've been disappointed with the hype they're building, when they don't have the flavor to back it up.Honestly? If you're looking to try something new, that's plant based, there are a LOT more options out there, and I highly suggest you seek those out instead.I'm all for people trying to eat more plant-based, but I'm tired of people believing that means giving up flavors and textures you love.Try a mushroom burger, or a jalepeno one if you like a little heat. Even black bean burgers taste better(texture is lacking).Just trust me. I mean, try it if you would like, sure, but please don't let this be the only plant-based meat you try, because if I was disappointed, you likely will be.
I love trying new things and I had high hopes for this burger but I was left feeling disgusted by this. The texture is pretty much the same but the taste is so gross. If I had to stop eating normal burgers and start eating these I would starve to death because IRS just that bad. It's like tofu. If disgusting was a flavour this would be it.
Excellent substitute
I was skeptical but I was pleasantly surprised. The “meat” was juicy, highly flavourful and maintained its shape on the barbecue. Expensive but a good option instead of beef.
Is this real meat? I can't tell anymore..
Pretty amazing burgers. Now I haven't had ground beef burgers in years and years but this is what I remembered them tasting like. Thick and juicy patties and tastes like the real thing. Seriously it's crazy. Wow. They have a higher fat content than my regular veggie burgers, so I wouldn't be eating these on the regular. BUT when I crave a heartier burger - I'm reaching for a Beyond Burger definitely. The taste and texture cannot be matched.
Very good veggie burgers
I really enjoyed this burger. Very moist and thick. Texture good. Doesn't fall apart when eating it. Which I find happens a lot with veggie burgers
Better than the real thing!
I gave these burgers to my family without telling them it was plant-based, and they raved for days that it was the juiciest, tastiest burger ever! When I finally told them the truth, they were shocked that it was plant-based, and happily agreed to eat it at least once a week as part of our regular rotation, but healthier!!
Not a great after taste
I enjoyed the burger at first but I found that it left an after taste that I really didn’t enjoy. Not sure I’ll buy the product again
Stick With The Real Thing
It was ok....but rather have real beef and not all the chemicals in this Beyond Meat.

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