4.3 5 0 149 149 The World's first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef without GMOs, soy, or gluten.
The Beyond Burger®
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Better than the real thing!
I gave these burgers to my family without telling them it was plant-based, and they raved for days that it was the juiciest, tastiest burger ever! When I finally told them the truth, they were shocked that it was plant-based, and happily agreed to eat it at least once a week as part of our regular rotation, but healthier!!
Not a great after taste
I enjoyed the burger at first but I found that it left an after taste that I really didn’t enjoy. Not sure I’ll buy the product again
Stick With The Real Thing
It was ok....but rather have real beef and not all the chemicals in this Beyond Meat.
3 noms out of 3
Sooooooo good! I am so happy and grateful for this product!!! I'm vegan now but grew up on meat and potatoes...a big part of that being burgers and fries...which was completely missing out of my life, until now! Do your tastebuds a favour and try these!
Great vegetarian substitute for meat!
I love the taste and meaty flavor of this burger. It cooks well on my BBQ and that is hard to find in meat substitute burgers. Usually they smear and break off. Also the smoky flavors and textures are very pleasant and very real!
We have tried several similar products & this is by far our favourite plant based burger. They are moist, very tasty & as satisfying as any beef burger we have eaten. I highly recommend this product!
not bad but not great
I know plant-based meat alternatives are getting more popular but I suggest going for actual vegetable-based burgers instead of having "fake meat". These burgers taste fine but they are highly processed which makes the claim of being 'plant-based' a little misleading. If you think you're being healthy by picking these burgers, think again.
Not the best veggie burger I’ve had
It tastes like any other fast food burger but a little less juicy. I’d prefer a different veggie burger or just a grilled mushroom. I think a thicker patty could be more interesting.
Seriously impressed
I have been seriously impressed by the taste, the look and the smell of this plant-based alternative to meat. This is now my go-to. It is as easy to cook as other patties, and knowing that no animal was killed for it makes it so much better.
Beyond Meat The Beyond Burger
It was just okay. It's probably less healthy than a lean beef burger, because it's beyond processed. Processed foods are not healthy. I'd still recommend it to someone who doesn't eat meat, though.
Wasn’t beyond
Tasted like it should was juicy like a meat burger but it wasn’t a beyond experience
Better then most no meat, meat
This product has come closer in texture and taste to real meat, but it still isn’t ... if your looking for a meat substitute sure but the real thing is still so much better.
I've had a few Beyond Meat burgers in local pubs, but this was the first time I'd purchased and cooked at home. The experience was the same - one of the tastiest veggie burgers I've eaten. I would purchase again for a special occasion, but the price point will keep me from adding to my grocery list on a regular basis.
Its good. I normally don't eat vegetables . But this makes me feel like I eat meat
Not too much flavour
Purchased these after trying the beyond burger at A&W. Definitely didn't taste as good when I made them at home, although I think that could be expected. For the price I wouldn't purchase again. However, I am not a vegetarian so maybe if I didn't eat meat I would have been happier with these.

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