4.5 5 0 80 80 The World's first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef without GMOs, soy, or gluten.
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Best on the market!
After falling in love with A&W's plant based burger I was desperately on the hunt to find a comparable plant based burger that I can enjoy at home. This burger is so yummy and doesn't leave you feeling full of regret because there is no SOY! YAY. Finally a burger that vegetarians and vegans can enjoy. The price point is great two. Absolutely love this product.
As a vegan who gave up meat for ethical reasons, this product is a joy. It satisfies my still-present meat cravings without any of the cruelty. I strongly encourage my omnivorous friends to try these out for the sake of our cow friends :) <3
This vegetarian approves!
I adore the Beyond Meat brand. I've been a vegetarian almost 15 years and have tried any and every type of veggie burger out there. These burgers are by far my favourite!
Great product. Very tasty. Easily replacing any meat product and also stands on its own.
Amazing veggie burger! Flavorful and pairs well with any toppings
very healthy
I was pleased to have received an in-store sample of this burger patty at my local Sobeys. It was spiced very nicely, tasted a lot like plant-based protein, however it did not taste anything like meat.
Thee BEST!
So grateful this product has come out and to so many fast food restaurants even in my small community! They taste great, cook so nicely and are very filling.
Beyond Meat burger
I love it! It is expensive but I'm worth it! I think it would have been better had I cooked it on the barbeque but I just fried it in a frying pan. I did use a bit of seasoning salt on it and ate it in a hamburger bun with cheese! Delicious! I would buy it again but I think I'd wait for it to come on sale!
soo great
Tastes exactly like meat but it's cruelty free. Will buy again. Tastes amazing and it's healthier too. Great for lunch or dinner!
Beyond is the future
Love it the taste and texture were spot on nice to eat a burger and not feel weighted down afterwards
Tasty and nice texture
It tastes really nice and leaves you wanting more.
Great product
You can tell the meat is organic just by the texture of the meat. The freshness of it beat any other store bought ground beef! Definitely a staple in our household
It’s not meat!?
This burger is hands down amazing! I was skeptical, because it’s made of plant material. The taste, and texture are the best things about the burger. I would 100% recommend this burger!
Really amazing how this burger tasted as good as its meat twin. BBQ and all the toppings and you would be hard pressed to call it anything other than a burger.
Very good
Surprisingly good Moist and great taste Grilled on the bbq like a meat burger

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