4.3 5 0 145 145 The World's first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef without GMOs, soy, or gluten.
The Beyond Burger®
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It can compare
It's overall taste is decent. Has a good texture close to the real deal. I did find it a bit on the dry side. To ensure that it stays moist and juicy dont over brown. Or try adding some packaged flavoring while browning adding a tble spoon more water than the instructions state will help it not to become too dry. For using it in tacos or spaghetti sauce it really is a winner.
Not a fine dining burger, but it’s okay
In terms of meal quality, this meatless burger fits perfectly in the fast food category. If I ate this at McDonald’s and no one told me it wasn’t meat, I don’t think I’d bat an eye. That said, this wouldn’t ever pass with me as a ‘fine dining’ burger. I might still think it was meat, or meat-based, but I’d question the quality, and assume there were fillers. Knowing that it’s vegetable based is actually necessary to appreciating it: on that level, I’m impressed. So if you’re cooking for (or are) someone who wants a meatless burger option that isn’t super vegetable-forward, this is a very real option, and I think everyone should try it at least once to see how much the pursuit of a meatless burger has come along.
Not bad of an alternative if you don’t want to eat meat
I think the taste of the beyond burger was pretty good, almost like a real meat party, especially you eat it with sauce and burger bun etc. However the texture is still not exactly like meat. It somehow has a more chewy/plasticky texture. Since theres a lot of chemicals that go into making the meat-alternative, it technically won’t be healthier than a regular meat patty. So I think this product is more for people with meat allergy, religious reason, or environmental reason.
Being in a huge family and some having severe allergies, this fits our needs and we all love it
Beyond burgers are my absolute favourite burgers! They are absolutely delicious!! I use the burger for other things like meatballs, sloppy joe, taco meat, etc!
What they were plant based no way my big meat eater family said they were that good that they did not notice the difference definitely will buy again
Love It!!!
I am not a vegetarian/vegan, but I try to eat more plant based and I love these burgers. I am also trying to get my husband to eat more plant based and this is definitely an option that he will go for. He said without knowing, he can't tell that it is not a meat burger. Way to go 'Beyond Meat'. You have done an amazing job for everyone trying to do better by our planet and our animals. I definitely recommend this product to vegans and meat eaters.
In our home, 2 of the 4 of us are vegetarians. Meal planning is difficult to say the least! These burgers satisfy the meat eaters taste for meat, and the vegetarian desire to eat plant based food! The taste is incredible!
Perfect for people who are conflicted about eating meat - it tastes exactly like meat, without the guilty feeling.
tried it and it tastes pretty good. cannot tell it's not real meat. its pricey but worth it.
Cannot really tell its not meat. I dont eat any animal protein so i was happy to try out this product
good product!
The beyond burger is delicious however, the price for two burgers (how they come packaged) is slightly high. there are other brands on the market with clean ingredients, that are much cheaper. Product is tasty though!
Better than a beef birger
In today's society healthy eating has received quite a bit of publicity. I seem to come across a wellness oriented study report or opinion from medical experts in a wide range of disciplines extolling the numerous issues related to diet not only having a direct cause and effect relationship to how our bodies function but also demonstrating the benefits to every organ system simply by being proactive in the choices we make when choosing how to best fuel our bodies. Take for example, a common sense approach we've all heard but may not realize the importance of: garbage in, garbage out. It takes such a minimum of effort to obtain maximum benefits when filling our shopping carts. No one is saying you must become vegan to reap the benefits of healthy eating but why not start slowly and give plant based burgers a try? You can barely notice the difference in taste and texture while providing your body with nutrients and fibre you don't get in traditional beef burgers. A no brainer!
Ive tried this product I could take it or leave it .
Plant based burger
As a vegetarian, I have tried many different meat alternative products. This is by far the best burger on the market. It's flavorful, juicy, and reasonably priced.

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