4.4 5 0 130 130 The World's first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef without GMOs, soy, or gluten.
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Beyond Burger
- I have tried this a couple of times, I enjoyed it. The texture is good, the taste is good, it's filling. I plan on buying it in the future. - With pickles I think it tastes kind of funny, not like a beef burger. I like it with bacon, ketchup, lettuce, tomato.
I just love these! Will always have this instead of hamburger, if I can.
Can't believe it's not meat!
My hubby and I tried these on a whim when we were picking up burgers for the BBQ. First impression, I thought they looked a little pink when cooked, as if they were still raw. But after taking the first bite I was pleasantly surprised. The texture is even spot on. I would definitely give them another try. Even hubby has been converted, and that's saying a lot for a meat lover!
This tastes super similar to meat, I’ve had it multiple times at restaurants and the first few times I had to get other people to taste it because I could have sworn it was meat. I’ll definitely continue to eat these.
Beyond Meat Burger
Great product - good to see how well this is doing! Would recommend to anyone interested in a meat alternative. No improvements needed - perfect as is.
Great Meat Alternative!
Great substitute for a meal of eating meat. The beet juice as the blood alternative really adds to the authenticity without altering any taste. Doesn't taste exactly the same as an actual burger but once you dress the burger with condiments and toppings its very close. It also had me feeling a lot better than a regular burger would after I ate it. Would definitely recommend it as a substitute but don't go in with the expectations that it will taste exactly the same. Definitely some good promise in this product once it is more readily available and affordable for everyone.
My daughter is a vegetarian and this is her go to substitute.
I really don't like these. I'm the only one!
I tried one of these burgers and was really disappointed. I was so excited to finally try one of these popular Beyone Meat burgers as I do like many plant based burger patties. One bite and I honestly had to spit it out. It was prepared on a griddle and cooked correctly. It was just such an odd taste. Tasted extremely over processed, like a burger out of a can. I've never had a canned burger but if I did I imagine it would taste like this. I rarely give negative reviews but I honestly did not like this product at all even though I was eager to try it and usually like plant based burgers.
Best burger
This was delicious. Juicy and tender. Exactly what I am used to in a barbecued burger. Even better because it is not meat.
Best plant based burgers
Best “mock meat” burger I’ve ever tried! It’s super satisfying, tasty, juicy, and flavourful
Umm worth a try
so i recently tried this, its a great alternative for vegetarians but not that satisfactory for meat lovers. The fact that there is no soya in this patty is really amazing. A great effort by the compny. will try again.
The Best Veggie Burger Out There!
This is hands down the best veggie burger I have ever had. Heat up on the skillet with some olive oil, salt, pepper and some garlic and it's an unreal flavour. By far the best veggie burger I have ever had compared to other brands (Yves etc) this does not have that Wheat/hard/chewy texture.
this has way too many ingredients at least with real meet its one ingredient
great product
amazing taste! Great product, Very tasty. it easily replaces any meat
Beyond Meat
Gross - no positive flavor - will not purchase again.

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