4.5 5 0 80 80 The World's first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef without GMOs, soy, or gluten.
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It's BBQ season and I'm so excited that this is available! The hype about this burger is absolutely real. Being a vegetarian going on vegan, it's so good to have options beyond black bean burgers, which i'm not a fan of. It's hard to define what this tastes like - the texture, color, etc. definitely reminds you of meat, but the taste is very peculiar (in a good way). The cons are definitely that it is not the healthiest option out there nor the cheapest, but with that being said, it is a great alternative for vegan junk food.
Beyond Meat Burgers
I totally loved them and bought $100.00 worth before they all sold out
The best fake burger yet
I haven’t eaten meat in 25 years but I didn’t quit because I disliked the taste. This burger comes the closest of any I have tried over the years to that “real burger feel and taste”. Super impressed and I’m glad to see this product gaining popularity.
Plant based burgers
A friend of mine enjoys plant based food and she said these burgers are a good as they come
Very yummy
My son is a vegan and has been trying to convert us. We tried these burgers and could not believe how delicious they were. I would definitely recommend to anyone, vegan or non-vegan.
Great Meatless Option
I am a vegetarian and enjoy this "burger" whether it is an option at a restaurant or whenever I am making it at home. My partner, who is an avid meat eater and burger lover, also really enjoys this as an option. Definitely worth a try if you haven't had it already!
Top tier Veg Burg.
We used them in a restaurant I worked at. Loved the flavor. And they were always juicy. 😊
Try It
Great alternative to meat. A must try even for carnivores.
Must try!
I love this product. Not only is it cruelty free, It has all of the flavor and texture of real meat without the fat and gristle...a win win for sure.
Beyond burger
The best of all plant based burgers that I have tried. Grills well, stays moist, and has great texture and flavour. Awesome, just hope the price will come down. Cost is 3 - 4 X a beef burger.
Undeniably delicious
it was delicious and the texture was perfect. I have been searching for an amazing veggie burger and this is definitely “the one”
Loved it!
Wonderful flavour and texture. Quick and easy dinner idea.
Beyond meat burger
This product is great. The taste and texture is fantastic
I think this is an amazing chose between meat (which I don’t eat). Now I am part of the family when we bbq. I add just a touch of garlic. Thank you so much for making plant meats. Since this is pepper free (highly allergic to. Since I am also gluten free this fits perfectly in my diet needs have 3 packages in the freezer at any time
Just had these yesterday for Fathers Day. So good!! These are my favorite pre-made patties to cook for my family. My children absolutely love them. They dont last long in my household. I wont even buy any other kind of pre-made patties. Yummy!!

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