4.4 5 0 24 24 A mineral sunscreen that contains ultra-refined dispersion of micronized zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (no nanoparticles) with SPF 30.
The Ordinary Mineral UV Filters SPF 30 with Antioxidants
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I love this brand
I really love this brand, so far I’ve found everything by them amazing and this is. I different! I highly recommend this SPF
Excellente protection pour la peau contre le soleil. Par contre comme c'est un écran minéral il laissera votre peau blanche. C'est un moindre mal quand on sait les dégâts que peut faire le soleil sur la peau. Protection juste parfaite.
Holy Grail of Suncare
I love this sunscreen! It goes on gentle and lightly without leaving a residue behind. I am a huge fan of the way it blends into the skin and its also very affordable. This is mu go to sunscreen and it looks amazing under makeup and doesn’t pill.
Love it
I am an ordinary girl, love ordinary products, so affordable n does what it says. Have tried so many of the ordinary products they r all amazing with great prices. I would really recommend to try this.
The Ordinary Mineral UV Filters SPF 30
For the price, I think it's an amazing steal of a product. It does exactly what it says to do, protecting your skin for harmful UV sunrays. I would use this on days where I don't want to wear makeup and just go out with this.
Economical and Effective Sunscreen
I really like this sunscreen. Once applied it sits comfortably on my skin and lasts all day without pilling or sliding off. The texture of the product is neither sticky nor tacky, it just feels like my skin. The slight white cast does dissipate quite quickly. I cannot state how well it performs under makeup as I have not yet tried applying makeup after using this product. I would definitely consider repurchasing this sunscreen in the future.
i LOVE all of ordinary products every single one is high performing and super cheap
I do like to use this as sunscreen in the summer because it doesn't make my face break out like most sunscreen, but I don't like the texture, it can be sticky. I usually mix it with a lighter sunscreen or put it on and then powder it.
Love all The Ordinary products
Love this product. Its such a great value for the price. This line is so good for those that can't afford much. I just wish it was easier to buy instead of going online. This has just enough SPF for your face. I use it every day.
love the ordinary
this product is amazing. I used many products from the I brand and I cant be happier.
Great brand
I’ve used daily this past summer. The brand is excellent and this product is no exception. Price point is excellent.
it makes my skin so soft, and isnt too wet. I have pretty sensitive skin so its very good! i also liked how it wasn't too heavy for my skin and felt very light. Reccomend for anyone wiht similar skin!
Great product
I love the way this feels on my skin I get full coverage with this product I find it absolutly amazing. I will definetly keep purchasing this product.
Great price
I wanted to start using a sunscreen in every day makeup routine. This product goes on the skin very thick and makeup doesn't go on very subtle. I really wanted to love it but it doesn't work under makeup.
Great price, awesome product
For a low price you can have an affordable trusted skincare line. This product absorbs well. However I sweat on my hairline and have very pale skin... and there was a small bit of visible spf. Overall great product.

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