4.1 5 0 208 208 Tic Tac GUM with Xylitol (Aspartame-Free) - explosive flavour with soft and extra long lasting 56 Tic Tac Pills.
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My co-worker brought these in and i tried them and loved them! The only down side was I had the have a few because once it turned to gum the pieces were too small to chew! But would have again.
Good taste
Taste was good, but I found the pieces too small to chew just one. I needed at least two or three pieces to make it a regular gum size.
Childhood treat
Spearmint TicTacs were my favourite candy when I was a kid and this gum is very memorable.
My favourite new product
I absolutely love the new TicTac gum. I love the flavour and the crunch. The flavour lasts longer than most gum.
Great Idea
I love tic tacs especially in gum form leaves my breath fresher longer and still great taste!!
Not my favorite prefer tic tacs
Enjoyed the flavor but I do definitely prefer regular tic tacs over the gum. The price is a little more than I feel it should be considering flavor doesnt last that long. Enjoyed the product but I buy tic tacs instead
TicTac is a fun candy. Always a favourite. Gum tastes good. Nice option for gum.
Awesome Gum
Love the new tictac gum. Lots of wonderful flavor. Gum stays fresh in the container and the package is compact and easy to carry.
I like that there is a lot of flavor initially. However, the flavor leaves really quickly and you have to eat a lot to get a feel like gum is in your mouth. Overall, it was good though.
Tic tac chew
I really like the burst of flavor that you get with this gum. It leaves a refreshing flavor in your mouth minty fresh. I only had one problem and that was when I forgot it in the car, heat made them very soft and watery when I chewed it. As long as I keep it in my purse there is not an issue and I would buy it over and over again.
It’s ok
The Taste is not for a long time. But otherwise is fine for a gum
Minty goodness!
Very refreshing with the spearmint taste and doesn't leave a strange aftertaste in the mouth at all. It's a great flavour to keep on hand in your purse, backpack or even in the car, especially when you need a quick breath freshener.
Refreshing gum
The mint tic tac gum is so refreshing. It’s good to keep one in your car or in your bag as it doesn’t take much space. I didnt give it a 5 stars only because each piece is so tiny, it means i have to eat 3-5 to feel enough freshness in my mouth and be able to shew it! Children tend to swallow it when it is small.
Tic Tac GUM
Tried them and what a great product ... a powerful blast of flavour
Love Tic Tacs and Gum so I gave this a try
I’m a big fan and user of Tic Tac’s so when I first seen the new gum I had to try. Overall I really like the gum it still has the great flavour of Tic Tac’s but with a bit of a spin! The only problem I found with this product was it is hard to find. Thanks!

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