4.1 5 0 225 225 Tic Tac GUM with Xylitol (Aspartame-Free) - explosive flavour with soft and extra long lasting 56 Tic Tac Pills.
Tic Tac® Gum Spearmint
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J'aime beaucoup, le goût dure longtemps et j aime la grosseur de chaque gomme, je recommande fortement
Just okay
I love Tic Tacs for the convenience and powerful breath freshener feature. I did enjoy that with these Gum Tic Tacs as well but unfortunately I find if you pop 1 or 2 in your mouth the amout of him you end up with is so little it's hard to keep in your mouth. Uou end up having to pop about 6 or 7 in your mouth to equal the amount of a regular piece of gum would have. The flavor is great though.
Love it. Sometimes just want a small piece of breath freshening gum. Tic Tax gum perfectly fits!
Fresh breath
To have fresh breath for all our trips to be kept on you at all times!
Fresh taste
The taste is good but I find you need like 3 or 4 to make an ok size gum. If they were a little bit bigger it would be better.
It was good
I bought these not realizing it was gum. I did like them but I find you would have to eat a few to be able to chew it and get the effects of gum. It did have a good taste and left my breath fresh.
I Have always been a fan of tic tacs, but was very skeptical when I seen it was now offered as a gum. BUT was pleasantly surprised when I tried these. Still the same cute little tic tags but leaves you with the option to chew gum. Flavor was spot on and just the right taste of spearmint.
Need help to quick smoking
These help you when trying to stop smoking.. life savers
I love these and the taste last long and the gum doesn't get hard after chewi Ng for a few Minutes
I absolutely love these I could eat 1 million of them
It’s ok.
It’s ok. Ok flavour but the texture was not what gum normally is.
Smaller pieces
It's gum, nothing special other than the size, so if you wanted just a few to freshen up, it may seem you're wasting less "gum" But if you wanted a regular size gum you would need more pieces.
Fresh and Minty
Very handy portable packaging. This gum is very soft and has terrific spearmint flavor.
gummin good!
I like it. refreshing minty gum with no sugar added so you can be sure it wont rot your teeth- price is always too high to my taste but then again I m kinda cheap.Recommend to all you gum-lovers tired of rotting your teeth with every gum you take.
A lot of flavour in a little gum
I love this gum. I love that it has a ton of flavour and that it lasts a long time. I also love the size so I can choose how much gum I want to chew. The consistency stays the same it does not start to disintegrate like some gums

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