4 5 0 33 33 First bio-based liquid laundry detergent. Formula made with 100% renewable wind power electricity* and is made at a site that sends zero manufacturing waste to a landfill.
Tide purclean
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Nice scent, minimal cleaning power
I tried Tide Pure clean to see if it could be a good detergent to switch to. After using it, the light lavender scent was pleasant and clothes smelled nice however, whites were not clean and thought that something was wrong with my washer but no, it was the detergent. I noticed there were still stains on many items and required a second wash to get them out. As much as I wanted to like this product, unfortunately I will not buy again.
This is a nice product. It clean my clothes well. I would buy this again
I tried a sample of this recently! I have always bought Tide and as always Tide purclean did not disappoint! Clothes came out very clean and fresh scented too! Keep up the good work Tide!
Tide was used by my mother and now by me. Excellent product. Continues to give the same clean and I like that it is friendlier to the environment
This product has a nice smell, often laundry soaps are very strong smelling. Gets clothes nice and clean!
I liked the fact that it isn't full of chemicals but I found that my whites were starting to look grey after using this detergent for about a month. Would not recommend even though my allergies liked this product.
We have always used Tide & when we saw this one, we read about it & tried it...We just love the purity & the gentle smell & the great Tide clean we would only expect from Tide. I tell all my friends to try this new Tide purclean. Love it & will now continue to always use it.
Love that the product is unscented, that is a bonus. It gets out new stains, but is not good at removing older ones, even used along with a prespray stain remover treatment. Overall it's a great detergent.
excellent product my clothes were cleaned very thoroughly. recommended to my family. leaves a long sweet smell
I tried Tide PurClean and it worked great! I have always trusted the Tide brand. I like ths new option that is more environmentally friemdly. Good job Tide!
I recieved this as a sample. I do like it. Works just as good as other products but its natural.
I have used Tide before and was excited to try Tide purclean. It cleans great and I really enjoy the scent. I look forward to purchasing more for myself and my family.
I found this detergent okay. It didn't have much of a scent to it. It seemed to me like it was kind of watery when I poured it into my washer. But it did clean my clothes really clean.
I tried this but I didn't notice a difference. I would buy it only if on sale but prefer the regular tide.
Tide purclean is good, does the same as the other Tide products. But I find because it is so liquidity, I land up using more. So I am going through the product much faster. Also it is very expensive. I do not think I will buy this product again.

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