4.2 5 0 14 14 These shades flatter all skin tones, and come in a comfortable, high-payoff formula.
Too Faced Pretty Mess Eyeshadow Palette
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Like it
This pallet isn’t too bad it’s not one that I use all the time. Some of the colours don’t have the best pay off. But it does have some nice colours
It’s ok
The colours are pretty but some are just similar. It’s not a must have item from them. It’s cute and would be good as a gift I suppose but I don’t think it’s a must have in your makeup bag.
amazing palette
Love this palette amazing shade range for everyday use and easy to blend.
Nice colours
I love too faced products their eyeshadows are always great. They are blendable and smell nice. The product is creamy and last all day. I would t buy again though as I’m only really using 3-4 shades. The glitter ones are not something I use often and seems like a waste for me personally.
Awesome product
This eyeshadow palette is so nice it gives my eyes a very good color and I love the colors of it
Little dark pallete
This pallete is really cute! I did not use many of the colors though because they were a bit dark for the way I prefer my makeup to look. So I dis pass it on to a girlfriend who loves it!
Subtle beauty
Too Faced rarely disappoints me and this palette is no different! The colours are rich and can be easily blended to create a stunning finished product. In all my makeup applications, I always prep my skin so the pigments did last for my night out...7 hours and still très chic! I even blended a little onto my cheekbones. 😊 This palette can be worn everyday and a night out with the girls! Definitely recommend!
Just like any other palette
Colour scheme is a bit boring, looks just like every other palette out there. Quite a bit of fall out. The colours blended good with each other. Definitely can get better palettes for the same price point I would not recommend this palette. It’s okay though for those who use the same colours everyday.
This is a functional every pallet but it can also be used for night time it’s great
Nice colours
I love the colours in this palette. The formula is good, but a primer is needed for it to last all day. Tends to crease after a few hours without one. I would recommend other eyeshadows before this one.
The colour was so nice.. I love this pallete damn much.. Very recomended product..
Love these shadows!
I am picky when it comes to eye shadow and Too Faced provides great pigment and smooth colors that apply evenly and easy to blend together o on their own. They actually last all day!
Very pigmented and good for all skin tones . Definitely A recommended purchase and one you would not regret
Colour combination dream
This has all the neutral, earth and metallic tones I would look for in eyeshadow! A definate necessity for those into shadowing! I love the colour combinations because they work with other colour palettes too so you can mix and match!
I want to try this eyeshadow palette so bad!!! It's so beautiful. Also I loveee the combination of the matte and shimmery shades. I can definitely see myself being able to play around with this palette and do some really cute makeup looks. Gonna have to buy this soon!

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