4.5 5 0 219 219 Chipotle thins. Mild smoky heat.
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Tostitos Cantina Crispie thins
I love these Chips! They are thin and crispy, they remind me of Mexico!
These taste great with salsa or on their own. I would buy them again.
Great crunch, great taste. Thick so the work great as a scoop! My go too snack item!
OMG I LOVE these chips, so addicting. I wish the same flavour would come from a thicker chip but I can deal with the thins ;) so addicting!
I like these because they remind me of the fresh ones they serve in restaurants. They do break quite easily, though,
Yum and yum and yum...did I mention yum. Yes, and yum.
Just like the chips they serve at Mexican restaurants. Very thin and crisp we LOVE them.
YUMMY! They entire family enjoyed these. They are a nice alternative to potato chips.
It was a toss up. Both women loved them. Both men didn't like them at all. More for us and yes I would buy them again. You need to like spicy chips to try them.
Oh these are goood. Little bit of a nice kick to them vs. just a regular tortilla chip. Spread them out on a cookie sheet and heat them up for a couple of minutes in the oven and they are delish. Good enough to eat on their own but I love them with guacamole.
Love this product! Great flavour, nice and thin great on their own or with tostitos salsa!
I really enjoyed these. They tasted like Chips without the High Calories. I will buying some again soon
I like the flavour of the chips. However i personally find the chips too thin. I personally like chips a little bit thicker, but besides that they are good.
These are so great as nachos with all the fixins, or even alone with salsa or sour cream. I love the thin texture and flavour!
Nice light, airy chips with delicious, smoky flavour!

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