4.5 5 0 226 226 Chipotle thins. Mild smoky heat.
Tositos Cantina
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Perfect for dipping!
My absolute favorite Tostito flavor and thinness that pairs perfectly with my homemade salsa. A huge hit in our home and warms nicely in the microwave for a true movie night experience!
Tostitos cantina
Delicieux. Je les sers lors d’un apéro ou directement au souper en grignotine. Cela se mange très bien j’adore le côté léger de la chip.
Crunch crunch
I really like these. They are a nice change from plain. They have a good flavour and I don't find them too spicy at all. I think they are great and make really good nachos!!! They are always fresh and delicious.
These tortillas are perfect for a snack with or with out salsa they are thin and crispy with just the right amount of salt they are not quite strong enough for nachos but warm them up and serve as an Appy and you are set it will feel like authentic Mexican cantina munchies.
Tostitos Cantina
Very addictive. Loved the spicy taste and also liked the chip being thin.
My favourite chips
Love tostitas cantina thins!! Perfect with some fresh salsa and so good. I usually complain about the chip being too thick or hard, no complaints here I love.it!
Light and crispy
Love these chips. They are restaurant style and crispy. I like how light they are and the flavour is great. They come in different flavours too. My only complaint is sometimes they're a little more expensive than others, but worth it.
Tostitos Cantina Crispie thins
I love these Chips! They are thin and crispy, they remind me of Mexico!
These taste great with salsa or on their own. I would buy them again.
Great crunch, great taste. Thick so the work great as a scoop! My go too snack item!
OMG I LOVE these chips, so addicting. I wish the same flavour would come from a thicker chip but I can deal with the thins ;) so addicting!
I like these because they remind me of the fresh ones they serve in restaurants. They do break quite easily, though,
Yum and yum and yum...did I mention yum. Yes, and yum.
Just like the chips they serve at Mexican restaurants. Very thin and crisp we LOVE them.
YUMMY! They entire family enjoyed these. They are a nice alternative to potato chips.

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