3.9 5 0 75 75 Tortilla chip rolls. Premium white corn, guaranteed fresh.
Tostitos Rolls
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I quite like these for snacking on. They are light and crispy. They do not leave an oily film on your hands or the dish they are poured out into. Overall just a nice change-of-pace snack to try.
These are great for dipping, will be buying again and trying them in my taco dip.
Terrific Tostitos!
I only managed to find these once or twice in my local stores but they are absolutely fantastic for dipping! If I see them again I plan on purchasing at least 2 bags!
Tostitos are the best! The rolls are great for thicker dips and great fun for kids!
Found theses way too hard....my jaws actually got sore chewing these....only bought once....will never buy again...Also. ..they were quite salty
Loved the way these hold their crunch even with dip!
Love the crunch, with or without dip. Warning, they are addictive!!! But, oh so yummy! Would love to see them in whole grains!
These are the most addicting corn chip on the market, not sure if it is just because it is rolled and you really get a good crunch, or the fact that they are salty as all heck.
Tres bon ! Vraiment . Génial et idéal pour les trempette amusante et croustillantes elle sont parfaites pour toute les occasions
I love these, taste great and easy for dipping in thick dips such as spinach and cheese dips! one of my favourites! yumm
Only tortilla chip I eat now the salsa and cheese stuffs itself inside of this when you did it's so perfect
over the christmas holidays I brought my home made nacho dip with 2 bags of these to my In laws for our get together to sit on the bar and snack on , and they along with my dip were a hit . I did bring the rounds as well just in case but it turned out we needed to open it as well since they are a perfect snack . For the rolls I found them fine for dipping and if you are not getting enough cheesey sauce on then just suck it up, butter cup .. they are straws and work just like them you can suck the cheese sauce up if you want to be playful you can even make Tostitos stick people for more fun to make the kids have fun eating using a round for the face , Love these I might try to make a nacho lasagna using these .the possibilities are endless when you can be creative .
This is a delicious highly addictive movie snack. We heat them up and dip them in the tostitos cheese sauce.
C'est bon a manger, le gout est la. Entre amis et familles cest tres bon
These were fun! Definitely amazing for thick dips like cheese and spinach. They're only good for dipping however, cannot scoop so have to be careful as in the end you'll end up eating more chips this way.

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