4.7 5 0 78 78 Host a happy get-together with these crisp and buttery crackers. They make the perfect pair with your favorite toppings and dips.
Town House Crackers Original
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Really good
These Crackers are really crispy and fresh. Really yummy alone or with cheese and grapes :)
Light and buttery
We picked up a box of these crackers a little while back. They were enjoyed by everyone and didn't last long in the pantry. Loved the flavour. Definitely recommend then and looking forward to our next box.
Town House Crackers
First time I try these they where great another delishs product the crunch texture taste is really did stands out. Will buy the again Our family really . So happy I found these in my store. Fresh affordable and if my family loves .
Must have cracker
I love to hosts parties and always have club crackers ready for cheese and crackers, cream cheese dips and even used with salsa. I even make a cracker "candy" called "CRACK" candy that is AMAZING! This buttery cracker is a must have staple in my pantry and my kids and I even like it with peanut butter for an easy snack!
These crackers have a buttery flavour. They are just the right crackers for cheese and meat.
these are delicious - super addictive! I even tried the pretzel flavoured ones and can't get enough. the only issue is that they feel super buttery!
Town House Crackers
My husband and I love these crackers. They are good tasting on their own as well as with cheese and peanut butter. They are crunchy and buttery tasting
good taste and crunch would buy again for a nice snack
Delicious Cracker
We buy these for our party platters, lunches, and just nibbling. We pair em with cheese and meats as a nice treat while watching a family movie. Always crisp, not greasy, and flavourful.
Great Everyday crackers!
These crackers are great for everyday, especially with cheese or cream cheese. Try them with camenbert or brie and they are awesome. Nice light texture and flavour that doesn't take away from the taste of the cheese you put on them.
Taste of Childhood
I was so very surprised about this sweet little find. Years ago my mom used to purchase Tuc crackers, and this is by far the closest the cracker I have had that comes close to that. They brought up some pretty old memories as I was snacking on them. They are buttery and light and quite tasty. Kids love them ! This is now a regular staple in our house!
Buttery crunch!
The most flakey buttery biscuits I’ve ever had! Excellent on a cheese platter!
My absolute favourite cracker, yummy! Will continue to purchase as part of my regular grocery shopping!
as good as Ritz crackers
These are as good as Ritz crackers but better with the wider oval shape to scoop more dip! More butter flavour & Crispier too!!!
Great with a slice of cheddar
Discovered this cracker 1 year ago. The kids love them.

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