4.4 5 0 9 9 Created by Herbalists. Naturally caffeine free herbal tea. Traditionally used in herbal medicine to promote lactation.
Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother's Milk™
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First time mum here...this tea is wonderful! It actually helps my body make more milk! It tastes similar to black licorice (which I loathe) so I need to add sugar and cream to stand the taste but whatever I have to do for my son is what I'll do!
Mother's milk
I bought it when I was breastfeeding taste this pretty good a tea that I would buy I can I don't find that helps me with the breastfeeding but I guess it's different on the people's bodies
Helped boost milk production quickly
While a bit pricey for the number of bags you get, I found one tea a day did give my milk supply a boost when it dipped in the afternoon. Taste definitely takes getting use to at first. Found it didn't help with supply once weaning starting.
Love it
I love this TEa it has a great flavor. I have been using it every day since my baby has been born a month ago. Not sure how successful it is as far as lactation goes but the tea it’s self is great.
Worked great
I used this when I recently gave birth. I had low supply of breastmilk and this tea greatly helped to increase my supply
I like the flavor and the color of the tea. But Iam not pregnant . so not really sure about the lactation effect.
I like herbal teas, so I liked the flavor of this tea. I think it did help with lactation even though I only had one or two cups a day.
I started drinking this when my son was born to help with break milk production. The taste is a bit off putting at first but you defiantly get used to it fast ...I ad a bit of sugar and milk and I actually love it now. As well it defiantly increased my milk :)
I drank this while nursing and it is both tasty and nourishing. I enjoyed it a lot and I think it did help with lactation.

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