Tre Stelle® Twist & Grate and Twist & Shave Grana Padano Cheese

5 5 0 29 29 A new twist on great cheese. From your fridge to your favourite dish in seconds, you can shave or grate the delicious flavour of aged Grana Padano Cheese onto pasta, salads, pizza and anything you choose.
Tre Stelle® Twist & Grate and Twist & Shave Grana Padano Cheese


Must have
My mom bought me this and I've been a fan ever since.
easy to Grate
love this easy to grate parmesan from fridge to table in seconds flat. Easy for the whole family and fun for kids!
Such a great idea! Very handy to use at home and camping. Cheese is yummy!
Very good, works great but hard to find in stores.
What a great idea! I would love to try this out but I have not been able to find it in the stores I shop at.
I haven't tried this product I would like to try it and write a review about it
I haven`t seen this product, would be interested to try it depending on the price.
have not seen this for sale, I wouldve loved to have tried it
Where do you buy this would like to give it a try.
Have not seen this item but very interested in trying it.
Wow neat. I have not seen these in any of the stores around me?? I would love to try ths!
I have never seen or heard of these but it looks awesome! If the price was right I would grab one for sure!
i haven`t seen this product in the grocery store yet but i will keep my eye open for it. this will be on my next grocery list for sure.
I have never seen this in a store before. But it looks really cool, what an awesome idea. I cant wait to try one.
This looks like a great idea! It would be even more awesome if I could load it with my own cheese when theirs ended.

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