3.9 5 0 63 63 Whether you go for messy beach waves, a top knot, or whatever is on your Pinterest page, TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray helps to give you lasting style with movement.
TRESemme Compressed Hairspray Smooth
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Great for hair, make a parlor look, its best for parties.
one of my faves
I'm a fan of Tresemme hair products, i feel like they really work well. This is a very small bottle of hairspray but I feel like I get pretty good use out of it. the mist comes out evenly and I keeps my hair in place. There are other "holds" as well and I'm a huge fan of the flexible holds
Loved it
I had the chance to try this product at my mom's place, she is a Tresemmé fan! I was so impressed. I really loved the light feelin on my hair, and the smell it was great!
Amazing results
The bottle is light, I like the curve it has. When spraying, the product comes out like a mist, but the scent is a strong perfume, which I didn't like, however the scent didn't last long. My hair wasn't crunchy or hard, no residue whatsoever. Hair stayed in place. Couldn't even tell I had used hair spray.
Bouncy hair
Non sticky hair spray that you can still out your fingers through. Leaves your hair bouncy and although the hold is maximum, it doesn't weigh your hair down. This also holds a.curl amazing
Prix bas. J'aime moins la texture plus collante et tenue moins naturelle
Wicked Awesome
With my thick naturally curly hair it leaves it soft and beautifully tussled all day!
Omg I just bought this and tried it tonight and I LOVE it... I can't believe I haven't even heard of it j til today it's now my new best friend this is a must have
This product was so easy to use especially because I have naturally wavy hair. I like to let my hair dry naturally and then throw some product in to help enhance my natural beach waves and curls. I followed the directions on the can; shake, spray, repeat, and voila! For me it was more of a shake, squeeze, and scrunch... but same idea and same result! The smell is so nice and light and it’s not overpowering or chemically in the slightest. It doesn’t leave a huge fog of hairspray in the room after either. My hair did not feel crunchy or greasy and there was no obvious residue. It definitely helped enhance my natural wave where it looked and felt natural and had tons of movement. The hold lasted all day and even after sleeping on it, it still looked awesome the next day too! It also combatted my frizz, which I was not expecting, but it was definitely a nice bonus!
Tresemme makes great hair products and this spray absolutely is one of the greatest products that anyone should try to make great looks. I really love and recommand it.
Not a fan of this product. It does not hold at all. Im not exactly sure what it is used for as it didn't smooth out my hair nor did it give hold. Will not buy again
Je n'ai pas aimé la tenue du produit, c'est comme si je n'avais rien mis dans mes cheveux. J'ai été très déçue. Le spray ne tient pas du tout.
I bought this but will not again. You have to spray a lot in order to get any hold at all. I sprayed and sprayed, and still didn't feel like anything. Less air in the can.....less product in the can. I'm going back to regular Tresseme.
You apply the hair spray and its as if nothing is on your hair. But it works extremely we.a
Never used any hair spray but I am looking for nice hair spray. I would love to try this .

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