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Love it
I have just started using this new 7 day Smooth Keratin Shampoo, and have never, ever had such a reaction from everyone I meet! They are all commenting about how amazing my hair looks! I can honestly say I have never had this reaction before!
love it
Ive been using the tresemme for years ! I love the smell ! Its a classic ! It does the job and great value
Douceur des cheveux
Ce traitement TRESemmé à la kératine est thermoprotecteur et il tient bien ses promesses. J'utilise le séchoir pour mes cheveux et avec ce produit, ils restent doux sans frisottis et en plus, il sent très bon.
This is my favourite heat protectant! The cream formula smells wonderful, and distributes evenly on towel dried hair. I haven't been able to find it in store recently, so I'm using the spray on protectant by TRESemmé and it just doesnt have the same results (hair doesn't stay as straight with the spray).
I tried the shampoo and conditioner as well as the treatment. While I did find it made my hair soft, it is a little overwhelming for my fine oily hair if used on a daily basis.
I use this product all the time. I pump a dollop into my hair. Rub my hairs together then run it through my hair mostly on the ends. I feel confident that it protects my hair from the heat of my straightener. This product works well at a great price. Highly recommend it.
Yes I have tried this. It really helped my hair stay soft and smooth even after blow drying. I hope this product stays in the stores more often. And the cream smells very nice too!!!
I love this product! It's great for flat ironing because it leaves the hair super silky and shiny, and protects against humidity. I find if I use too much though, it almost leaves my hair feeling sticky.. Still a great product and I definitely reccomend!
By far my favourite thermal activator/protector. I always recommend this to friends. Good for blow drying or even just giving your hair a nice soft feel. Great for flat ironing!
Hated this product. I found it very greasy and left my hair looking oily. Don't waste your money on this product.
I purchased this product (heated activated treatment) in addition to the shampoo and conditioner and found that it worked fairly well (I have bought it twice). It requires some time and effort and I personally did not find it to work for seven days but I would say it is definitely a winner.
I have tried this along with the shampoo and conditioner, still not sure what I think of it
Love this product! I have fine hair, so many products weight my hair down half way through the day. 7 Day Smooth reduced the frizz, made my hair incredibly manageable and smells great! Did not need to wash my hair every day as I do with other products. Left my hair incredible smooth with the trendy beach wave look when I didn't flat iron it. Totally amazing!
I like this stuff a lot:) It's lasted me quite a while and helps keep my frizzy hair tame & straight. I use it with the Shampoo & Conditioner Aswell.
Love this line from Tresemme! I have super curly hair, but hardly ever have to do touch-ups when I straighten it using these products.

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