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Tropicana Essentials® Calcium + Vitamin D
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Added Boost
Always the same great Tropicana taste! I love that it has the extra vitamins that we all need and sometimes just don't have the time to take in. This is the easiest and best tasting way to get those vitamins quickly.
Freshly squeezed
One of my absolute favorite orange juices,tastes to me freshly squeezed. This orange juice never leaves a sour after taste or Give any acid problems as some orange jucies tend to gove heartburn.Family loves this
for people who cant drink milk
I found that this product is a great substitute for people who cant drink milk it has almost everything that milk has except for the protein. Only downside is that there is a noticeable taste difference between regular OJ and this one . Furthermore there is quite a bit of sediment if left to settle
Goût de soleil
Ce jus d'orange de Tropicana a un bon goût de fraîcheur et tous les matins, je commence ma journée avec ce jus, je trouve que cela débute bien la journée. De plus ce jus est additionné de Vitamine D et de Calcium, un supplément pour la santé sans rien enlever au bon goût.
Fresh taste
The reason I like Tropicana is that it is never sour tasting, like some concentrated orange juice can test. It tastes fresh. Also, because it is fresh, not concentrated, it is less processed and therefore healthier.
This product is a good source of vitamins and it is refreshing.
This juice is great. The addition on vitamins just makes it even better. A good option for kids that refuse milk.
Un verre de ce jus débute très bien la journée! Un bon goût et bon pour la santé en plus et enrichi. À adopter!
Love love love this juice good substitute for milk
love tropicana products, my kids love them, it is actually the only orange juice my 6 year old will drink. love that this one has calcium and vitamin d added, makes me feel great that he is getting extra in those areas. great product tropicana. i recommend this with 2 thumbs up!
Calcium and Vit D a great plus to this product. Taste great too!
Not an orange juice drinker, but had some of this last week and was surprised at how much it tastes like fresh oranges. Knowing there is Calcium and Vit D in there is a huge plus! Would prefer it pulp free
Tropicana is my go to brand, so refreshing and good. All of their flavors taste great
Best orange juice really taste great with calcuim and vitamin D prefect
very, very good I just recently tried the cranberry and it is very refreshing but not bitter.

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