4.4 5 0 110 110 <b>Tropicana® Lemonade with Tangerine gives you the refreshing taste of summer in every glass.</b>
Tropicana Lemonade with Tangerine
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Mélange étrange!
En premier, j'ai trouvé que cette limonade avait un goût bizarre du au mélange mandarine-citron. Mais ensuite, j'ai trouvé que c'était parfait pour une journée chaude et que la boisson avait ça petite particularité unique. En gros, cette boisson est délicieuse et je recommande fortement!
Strange but great!
This blend was very tasty! I was curious about the tangerine and lemonade, not to sure but it turned out to be a really nice blend. A bit sweet but I like that in that in my juices!
It tastes so yummy when it's cold out the fridge. It's really nice for a hot summer day. My daughter loves the taste of this juice as well. I recommend for everyone to try this juice at least once.
Since this particular line of juices came out and are not from concentrate...we have tried every flavour My family, actually almost are out on their own....this is what they buy in a regular basis...customers got life...as long as it stays cost effective
Life is giving you lemons? Why is that a bad thing?
You need to quench your thirst with something that will give you a good dose of vitamin C? This delivers. A little acidic at times, a little too sweet at others, depending on your mood, mostly. But you won't regret buying this to satisfy that juice craving.
Un délice!
Réinventer la limonade, ce n'est pas simple et pourtant, dans ce mélange tout en simplicité on obtient un goût très agréable! C'est franchement très bon. Néanmoins, cela reste très sucré et cela est un peu envahissant au goût.
refreshing and delicious
not really a fan of lemonade but this beauty made me change my mind, the addition of tangerine is a nice touch, a healthy and refreshing summerdrink for sure, yes I recommend
Sweet & Tasty
I've tried quite a few lemonades and this flavour seems to taste pretty good. It's more on the sweet side opposed to sour/lemonade. I would prefer it to have a tad less sugar content in it, but it is alright. I do add a bit of plain water to help.
Thirst quencher
This is our family’s new summer drink! It’s a perfect blend of citrus and lemonade. Great on a hot day!
A Nice Twist
I just purchased this last week for the first time, it caught my eye . It’s such a nice twist on lemonade. The tangerine flavour is subtle and refreshing. I’ll continue to buy this for my family.
Kids favorite
They love it as they finish it all. I hardly get some to taste each time we buy it. A must buy in our grocery list ever since it was introduced
Quench your thirst
So refreshing, it is an oasis in a glass! Could not get enough of this juice, my family drank it up so fast. The tangerine flavour was very tasty and yummy. I would recommend this juice for flavour.
wakes you up
I tried it once and now it's my go to on a hot day
Very tasty
Exactly what I expected... A delicious blend of lemonade and tangerine flavors, and not too sweet. I have purchased this flavor combo often. Recommended!
Tastes great
Have tried this juice and like all Tropicana products I have tried it tastes great. Really refreshing. Recommend

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