4.4 5 0 138 138 <b>Tropicana® Lemonade with Tangerine gives you the refreshing taste of summer in every glass.</b>
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This flavour of Tropicana is really good. It is not too sweet and has awesome flavour!!
Really enjoy that it is a great thirst quencher as well as good for you and gives you added energy and can be drunk anytime of the day with any meal
Delicious and so refreshing. Also my kids love it which is a bonus . Price is affordable as well.
Such an amazing taste my kids love as well as my husband and myself,sweet but not over done and decently healthy,will buy again.
love this refreshing drink after spending a day outside
so delicious!!!! perfect blend of flavours :) best juice ever
This is such a nice, bright beverage. I sometimes find orange a bit too acidic, this has a unique sweet tangy flavour that's hard to stop at just one glass. Delicious!
j'aime bien tropicana limonade c'est bon mais ce n'est pas mon preferé non plus
Was unsure when I first tried it this summer as the combination of juices seemed a little odd but I do love it
I love the taste as it's not too tart or too sweet. In summer I like to make a pot of berry/fruit herbal tea & mix this with it. Definitely recommend!
It's OK; but I prefer the taste of the raspberry lemonade. Tangerine might be good in a punch though.
Very good! Have nothing negative to say about any of the Tropicana juices except maybe that they’re a little pricey.
Ive tried two of this juice brand and enjoy them very much.. Great taste and not extremely expensive like some brands. Highly recommend.
Not bad tasting very refreshing beverage. Only thing I do not like about this product there is not much significant nutritious value.
I like the taste of this drink. Very refreshing on a hot summer day or when your feeling that water just isn't cutting it. We keep a bottle in our fridge to enjoy all summer long!

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