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Ces bouchés tendres de réglisse à la cerise sont franchement délicieuses. Pour moi, elles sont même meilleures que la réglisse conventionnelle. La saveur est parfaite. Ces friandises sont cependant un peu onéreuses...
Twizzlers soft bites are the best!
Twizzlers candy are a classic. These soft bites are pretty awesome. I love how soft they are and I also love this flavour. When I'm in the mood for twizzlers, this is my new go to.
Great alternative to regular licorice
Tastes awesome. Soft and chewy, much better than traditional licorice.
Too Pricey
Great taste. Nice and soft. good flavor. Too pricey for a bag.
They were ok..
I liked them but I preferred the peach flavor. I'm more of peach flavoured person. but very soft and sweet
Good product, but overpriced as usual
Twizzlers are always amazing and this candy is awesome as well. However, you basically get nothing when you buy the candy in this format. I would opt out of purchasing them as one bag is pretty small and costs quite a bit.
Great taste but too expensive
Love the taste let’s be honest and upfront about that. However, there isn’t very much in the bag for the price you pay. I enjoy it, but almost always pick something else to get more value. Maybe if there was a smaller snack size that was cheaper, or a bigger size but this falls short in value.
Jai adorer se produit son gout est sublime meme mon fils a aimé
Bouchée agréable
J’ai bien aimé ces bouchées de réglisses. Goût agréable et sucré. Bouchées de bonne grosseur. Super bon
How can you go wrong twisslers cherry great flavour , always a treat for kids and adults fun to eat and something nearly everybody loves
Raspberry flavour is amazing
The raspberry flavour is amazing. It is different than the regular strawberry and cherry flavours. Definitely worth the purchase.
Fav Snack
This is my favourite snack hands down. Love the bite size pieces!
Not my favourite
I bought these in an airport while waiting for the plane to board. I wanted some Nibs but the store only had these so I decided to give them a try. I didn't like the texture (too soft) but the flavour was ok. It felt like they were trying to offer an alternative to NIbs but fell way short. I probably won't ever buy them again.
Amazing Flavor
I bought one bag of these thinking they that wouldn't beat nibbs, but this little bag was so full of flavor extremely soft every piece I enjoyed. I have bought several bags since. I just Love them!!!
Delicious and easy on the jaw! Flavours are classic. Overall addictive candy!

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