University Games Pizza Party Game

4.8 5 0 58 58 A fast and frantic dice game for two! Roll your dice to match the toppings on your slice. Keep rolling until they all match. Now grab another card and keep going! The first player to create a whole pizza pie wins!
University Games Pizza Party Game


Great for all ages and super fun
My kiddo got this one as a bday present and he didnt seem to interested, once all family got together we were so engaged and had so much fun playing! tons of laughter...secondary effects, you might need to order pizza after! haha
Fun Game
very fun easy game for the family young and old lots of fun and makes time go by a little quicker with laughs and giggles
Great game
Super quick fun game to play with kids of any age. Easy to understand and play. Since it is not a long game everyone can have their turn playing.
Fun & Simple
Easy on the go game. We pack with us when going away for a few evenings. Fun to play with spouse or the children.
Fun and great for travel!
Doesn’t take up any room and is a fun game for everyone. My 5 year old enjoyed it as did I!
Pizza Party
This is a really quick and easy game to set up and play. One box is only enough for two players though, so you need to buy more than one if playing with more than two people. This is good for kids learning how to match.
Great Game
The whole family had a great time playing this game. It is so fun and easy enough for everyone to play. We like to play on pizza nights. 🍕
Good stuff will buy again. I would recommend this to anyone
Loved it!
We love this game, we even bought a 2nd one so we can all play. So much fun to be had with young kids while playing this. We look forward to Fridays for game night. Would definitely recommend this game.
Mes enfants ont adorés ce jeux, facile a jouer, bien expliquer. Nous avons eu beaucoup de plaisir en famille.
Who doesn't love a pizza party
A family favorite of ours. My children play it often even my five year old who doesn't like to sit for any game. A fun, competitive game for all ages.
So fun
this is a family fav in our home we play this game 3 times a week at least
Cute game
Cute game my kids loved it! We played with it for hours.
So fun!!
We loved this game!!! Fast and sooooooooo much fun! Definitely recommend!!!
Kids loved it
The children had a lot of fun competing to complete their pizza first They kept a tally of how many games each child won Was easy to follow instructions and even helped the youngest to count

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