4.7 5 0 93 93 Advanced repair, fragrance free. Heals very dry skin with moisture in 5 days.
Vaseline Intensive Care
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Works well
I have super dry skin on my legs and this is the only lotion that actually makes them feel better. I like that it has no scent but it does feel a little greasy to me.
Love It
Not too greasy. My dad had very dry skin and this was the only product he used. Now I have moved to a dry province and I use it. I hate greasy products and this works without the oils and grease.
Really helps with dry skin I use one with aloe vera in it.
Got it in giftbag for my birthday it helped with my dry skin
J'adore tout ce qui est Vaseline. Ma peau est sèche et ce produit est parmi ma routine de soins de peau. Il rend la peau hydratée, douce, super bonne et silky touch. Vraiment rien de plus à dire c'est merveilleux.
Absolute lifesaver for dry cracked feet. I prefer unscented lotions at night time so that the scent doesn't interfere with my sleep as I have quite a sensitive nose. I saw a huge difference in my cracked heels over the time that I used this, especially if I lather it on and wear socks overnight.
I used this lotion for about five years. The lotion was more oily than vanishing. By chance I switched to Aveeno and Glysomed and found the difference. After washing my hands were dry and rough again
This is good value for the money. It is not overly scented, so should be fine for those that are sensitive to scents. It is a nice total body moisturizer.
My family has dry skin in general. My uncle’s skin has been rough growing up. He uses this stuff and it helps.
I love this cream. It really helps my legs from cracking in the winter cold. A life savour
I normally like greasy lotion but this non-greasy lotion really did well for my skin. I love this intensive care lotion.
I love Vaseline Intensive Care it really relieves dry skin anywhere you need it.
this is a great product. Non greasy. And it helps with my very dry hands.
J'adore cette crème car elle rend vraiment la peau sèche très douce et le fait qu'elle n'ait pas un parfum prononcé lui donne un avantage par rapport aux autres produits. Elle est facile d'utilisation avec la pompe aussi.
Like how it is not too oily. will definitely buy again.

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