4.6 5 0 38 38 Keeps dry skin healed with moisture for 3 weeks. Absorbs fast for a non-greasy feel and deeply moisturizes to heal dry skin.
Vaseline® Intensive Care Advanced Repair Unscented Lotion
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Excellent product
Bought it because of Dr.Dray, it's unscented but still smells really nice to me.
My go to body lotion
Highly recommend. I use this daily. I’ve very sensitive skin, itchy in dry, winter months especially. My GP recommended this and I’ve been using ever since. It sits on my end table in the living room, where I can grab easily.
Big hit in our house!
We are a fan of this Vaseline lotion! I live in a house full of boys so it’s hard to get them to take care of their skin but I bought this unscented lotion to try out for them and it worked like magic. They are all using it now and everyone has beautifully moisturized hands with no complaints. It soaks in quickly and lasts quite a long time on the skin without feeling greasy or heavy at all.
Good Lotion
I recently purchased this product as my skin gets drier in the winter. I find the product goes on good but I feel it should be a little thicker. I found that when the product gets low the pump will not pump the lotion out of the bottle. To get the remainder of the lotion without throwing it all out is to pull the top off the bottle. I wish there was a screw on top which would make it easer to get to the remaining product.
This is the best lotion I have ever tried a Doctor recommended this to me because I had some issues with my skin it is truly an EXCELLENT product so try it and you will see what I mean. I been using it for a couple of years.
Great for dry skin
I'm always looking for good moisturizer, as my skin is naturally dry. I find this product to be very effective without being greasy, and I like that it is unscented as well.
Heal and repair
I like this product for dry and cracked heels. It smooths out the dry areas leaving a soft feeling.
Best lotion for my sensitive skin
I have used this lotion for years. It is the best lotion for my sensitive skin. It does not aggravate my eczema. I use it face & body with no complaints at all. It's heavy enough to help wind & cold chapping but light enough to use daily.
Pour peau sensible
La lotion sans parfum Vaseline soin intensif est idéal pour les peaux sèches spécialement l'hiver quand notre peau est toujours couverte, respire moins et aussi sous l'effet du chauffage. Elle nourrit la peau, s'absorbe bien sans laisser d'effet gras. Vaseline est une marque de confiance depuis des années et je la recommande.
Perfect for sensitive skin. Not greasy at all either. Absorbs fast leaving your skin feeling quenched! I find it works very well used on a regular basis on those pesky cracked and dry heels 😊
My mom and I love this. We both have sensitive skin and areas of dry skin. It is one the helps without needing an excessive amount.
This is one of my favorite skincare products. I detest products that just sit on your skin like a layer of oil. Vaseline's formulation absorbs quickly to leave my skin feeling properly moisturized without slipping off of everything.
This is great on sensitive skin too. It is very nourishing and leaves skin feeling smoother. It is also not overly greesy.
I use this for my son that has eczema. This keeps his skin from getting itchy and keeps moisture in his skin.
I don't like this product. Personally it just sits on top of my skin without being absorbed, my skin itches from it and even if I do not touch the skin after applying I still find red blotches.

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