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Vileda® Glass Ceramic Scrunge®
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Great for glass top
This works great when you some extra elbow grease to get rid of baked in stains on the stovetop! Easier to clean using this
Vraiment bien!
J'aime beaucoup cette éponge pour nettoyer ma vitrocéramique! C'est efficace et enlève bien les tâches par contre ne pas trop faire pression sur l'éponge pour éviter les micro égratignure !
Great product. Soft enough to use on glass surfaces and tough enough to get the stain or dirt off. A frequent purchase in my home especially after finding gocleanco. GreT product clean freaks!
Great alternative
I prefer to use this over a blade scraper and grit cleaner. Much safer and less mess for my glass top cooker.
I was selected to try the VILEDA SCRUNGE MULTI-USE SCRUB SPONGE for free from Family Rated in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions and as someone with a full house and NO dishwasher, it's safe to say I was eager to try something to aid me in my dish duties. Vileda is a relatively new brand to me, but having just purchased their mop and broom about a month ago, I know the quality and effectiveness of this brand is exceptional and had high hopes for the scrunge sponge as well! I love that the product is multi-use and double sided, can be used anywhere that needs cleaning and won't scratch your surfaces! The green side helps break up, lift and repel dirt while the blue side is the most softest and coolest feeling sponge I have ever felt (I actually sat and squeezed it for much longer then I will admit too) and it is 'extra-thirsty' to help wipe surfaces clean! I decided to put the sponge to the test in my kitchen and was actually wowed by the results.
The first time I used this I was amazed at the fact that it didn't leave any scratches behind! Food is super easy to scrub off and water is soaked right up leaving a nice clean, shiny finish.
Product really works, it makes cleaning the ceramic cooktop an easy chore.
Vileda scrunge is the best on the market for cleaning my stove top. I never worry about putting a little more elbow grease into scrubbing the top of my stove. No scratches ever.
with a little manpower all stuck on marks come right off the stove and leaves it so shiny
I hace never used any other brand of spunge for my oven. And why would I it works wounders!
this product is the best thing that I have found to clean my white glass cooktop. The rough side does not scratch and the white side works really to erase those "stains" that sometimes occur .
I was uncertain what to use to scrub my cooktop and decided to try this. Awesome! never scratches no matter how hard you scrub.
This is the only sponge I will use to clean my ceramic stove with. It cuts through the burnt on food easily without scratching my stove top and leaves it shiny and clean. A must have product for those with ceramic stove tops!
I love using these Vileda a glass ceramic scrounges. They work wonders on a glass top stove and I also use them on my Pyrex dishes to take off baked on food. They work wonders!
work very well at cleaning glass ceramic cooktop. Stuck on debris comes off with ease.

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