4.6 5 0 142 142 2-in-1 Sponge: Provides excellent wipe performance on one side and perfect polish finish on the other. Features super absorbent microfibres to clean effectively and efficiently.
Vileda Microfibre Bathroom Cloth
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Perfect bathroom cloth
I love using this cloth. It wipes up well and reaches those inconvenient spots. When I'm done I just throw it in the washer. It polishes nicely. Would totally recommend this to a friend/family.
very easy to use. the cloth is very light and smooth. after a few uses it does not smell. rinse after every use will prolong the life of the cloth
i try free sample vileda ,microfribe bathroom cloth
I used to demote face cloths to clean bathroom until I bought one. It works very well and leaves no streaks!
found this product to do what it promises to do. With a bad shoulder I found it easy to handle; gets into the small spaces and wipes away grime and dirt easily. Hopefully everyone gets a chance to use this product. Once you do you will find that you will not switch to anything else
I am addicted to all of the Vileda products! This one is wonderful
Love the micro finer. Picks up all the little stuff that gets left behind
Love the brand so tried and loved the microfibre cloths
Vileda already makes the best cleaning products, this is another to add to the list! Their products are so convenient, and the Microfibre Bathroom Cloth is no exception...so easy to use, I don't have the nicest bathroom in my current apartment but I can honestly say it is clean and sparkles!
I have tried these cloths there the greatest for all your home cleaning.
This product works really good in the bathroom . It takes all the grime off no problem
really enjoy cleaning with it.i'm handicapped and i have problems reaching different parts of my bathroom,but with this product i can do everything that i need to do and clean in there.
All veiled products are good. They are pricey but at the end worth it.
I absolutely love this product! My family and I are always looking for new products that are natural and safe.
Vileda usually have great products to assist in cleaning. This would be so handy for quick wipes of the bathroom sink and counter. Convenient and eco friendly. Wish I had one !!!

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