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Best bathroom cleaner!
This is the best bathroom tile cleaner around! I have white tile, cleans and sparkles without scrubbing! Equally cleans and freshens your tub, toilets and Crome.
Très efficace pour les cernes dans la baignoire !
Ce produit est excellent pour les cernes tenaces dans la baignoire et sent très bon !
Good Cleaner
Good cleaner and reasonably priced, although I prefer the different scents available
I typically use Vim products in my bathrooms. This product leaves my sinks and bath tubs shining but I removed half a star because the scent was a bit too strong for my liking. Overall great product though.
great product!
Love Vim cream products - prefer them over any of the 'spray' Vim products! they provide a thorough clean and leave your rooms smelling fresh!
Vim Rose cleaning creme
This is a fantastic product. To remove burned on stains from stove tops. You don't need a lot of it and it works. I don't think you could make this product any better. I do recomend this product to other people.
works wonderfully I use this all the time in the washroom\
Excellent produit
Tout comme les autres produits VIM, celui-ci nettoie très bien et en plus la fragrance est très agréable. J'étais déjà conquise par les autres produits VIM et j'ai craqué pour la couleur du contenant et l'odeur. Excellent produit pour nettoyer l'évier en inox qui devient comme neuf et pour un usage dans toute la maison. Je ne saurais m'en passer.
Vim is one of the most important cleaning supplies I have at home. Try to use it for greasy surfaces or plates. I use it to clean my glass stovetop. I also use it to clean the burnt remains in my pots. Just leave it with water over night in your burnt pot, the next day enjoy the magic of cleaning it without scrubbing! Needless to say the smell is amazing and clean.
I love vim! It cleans so well on pretty well everything and this also has a great smelling with the same cleaning power
Love this product for cleaning our kitchen sink! It makes the sink so shiny and clean. It is also great for removing scuff and dirt marks elsewhere in the house. This "new" scent is also very pleasant!
I like this product to use in the bathroom. it cleans fine and the scent is ok. It does NOT clean my glass stove top surface without needing a lot of elbow grease. There are other products that work better in the kitchen than this product. When on sale the price is pretty good.
Product smells nice but prefer the original Vim product.
I bought it because it was cute - and it has won me over. It works perfect and is a classic clean.
This has a great scent to it rather then the usual cleaning product scent, and works great.

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