4.7 5 0 9 9 Vim® Cream Pink Flower Cleans the tough stuff easily. A versatile cleaner that can help make things look new again.
Vim® Cream Pink Flower™ Cleaner
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i love vim.... have tough mess on your stove add some vim to it wait two minutes then wipe and whatever it is will come right off easiest cleaner, i suggest anyone that has a bleach allergy to stay away or you will break out like my husband did but to anyone else this product will amaze you how much it make cleaning so much faster and more efficiently
Nettoyant au parfum floral
Tout comme les autres produits VIM, celui-ci nettoie très bien et en plus la fragrance est très agréable. J'étais déjà conquise par les autres produits VIM et j'ai craqué pour la couleur du contenant et l'odeur. Excellent produit pour nettoyer l'évier en inox qui devient comme neuf et pour un usage dans toute la maison. Je ne saurais m'en passer.
I was selected to try VIM CREAM CLEANER IN PINK FLOWER from ChickAdvisor for free in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions and it came at the perfect time. Not only is it the dreaded 'Spring Cleaning' season, but I also purchased a brand new home which unfortunately had been vacant for a few years and was in need of a desperate deep clean. I usually get nauseated from the smell of cleaning products and chemicals but the Pink Flower scent was a nice change and left my areas of use (bathroom and kitchen) smelling floral and pretty! The VIM cream contains micro-crystals that you can actually feel if you rub some of the product between your fingers. The cream feels a little bit gritty which will definitely help remove stubborn dirt and residue with ease. I used the cream cleanser on my new bathroom sink - which had dirt and grime sitting for TWO YEARS! - as well as on the stove in my current house.
love this product, use it for my stove, sink and bathroom.
This product does a good job of keeping my mirastone kitchen sink an off white colour like it should be.
This stuff works good and the smell is very nice as well!
I really love all of #Vim products. I just love the scent of Vim's Cream Pink Flowers it leaves my bathroom smelling so nice, It gently cleans with the power of most other cleaners with out ruining or scratching my sink and tub. It works so well leaving the clean and shinny, It is also a great price. .
I bought a small bottle of this when I moved into my new apartment. I love the smell and I have found that VIM always works really well. I have had no complaints with VIM.
I would like to try this product... i currently use other Vim products.

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