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Vim Cream Pink Flower
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Vim is a brand that you can trust to always deliver a great quality product. I have never been disappointed and use this product as a multi purpose cleaner throughout my home without worries of exposing my cats to harmful chemicals.
I love Vim, this scent is amazing,so fresh and clean.The only issue I have is when it dries on the lid its like cement.But I love the product.Its amazing.Cleans so well.
I recently tried vim again and I do not know why I stopped!! It cleans my sink better than any cleaner and now leaves a nice after smell..
Product has a nice floral scent to it, not to powerful or overwhelming. Cleans my kitchen sink lovely. Only complaint is that you really have to make sure to wash it all off or it will leave streaks of white.
Les produits Vim sont des produits de confiance et à bon prix. Pour ma part je préfère le Vim® Crème Parfum d'eucalyptus il sent vraiment bon et laisse un bon parfum.
This smells so good ! Also cleans great ! I would recommend keeping it on a surface for long tough .
This cleans great. I use it often and love the way it cleans.
Use vin on a regular basis and I love it. This one smells so great and it works just as good as the original!
Je l'utilise principalement pour nettoyer les carreaux de ma douche et il est efficace car mes carreaux deviennent propres et brillant. Aussi, il a un doux parfum qui est tres agreable
This product is wonderful when you don't want it to smell like you've just been cleaning, I like havering cleaners with similar scents so they complament one another instead of smelling overwhelming and industrial (especially in the kitchen, or with small kids/pets)
This stuff is amazing! My friend built a new house and I was in there helping her clean. The builders left a lot of black sticky stuff that looked like tar or melted plastic. At first, it looked like it stained the bathtub forever, but I poured some Vim on it, let it sit, and then started scrubbing and it came off! I couldn't believe how hard working this product is! I LOVE IT!
Love this product. Smells really good. I recommanded it
Smells and works great! I always use it in my washroom, it keeps everything white and shiny! Great product
I Love this cleaner. Great for stains in the kitchen area
yes i have tried this an iti is a very good product vim love using it on the flat stove burners etc cleans great

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