Vim Lemon Scent Multipurpose Cleaner

4.9 5 0 85 85 With Vim Cream, you don’t need to worry about household mess. A multipurpose cleaner that can be used both as a bathroom cleaner and kitchen cleaner, it is a household multi-tasker that’s tough on dirt, scum, watermarks, grease and burnt-on food, and can help make things look new again. Vim’s famously tough Cream Cleaner cares for your surfaces by removing 100% of the dirt you never thought you’d get rid of thanks to micro-particles that lift grime away for a shiny and streak free result*. Formulated with 100% natural cleaning particles, Vim Cream is a great cleaner for every room, leaving a fresh Lemon Scent. To use, simply squirt cream directly onto the surface or a damp sponge and rub gently. Rinse thoroughly then wipe clean promptly, repeating if necessary. There’s always a beautiful ending when you start with Vim. Do not use on wood, aluminum, worn or scratched surfaces. When using on chrome or plated surfaces, rinse immediately after use. Available in a range of fresh scents, this multi-surface cleaner’s packaging is made with 50% recycled plastic while working towards 100% recycled. At Vim, we believe that a beautifully clean home is a joy to live in. All our household products are formulated with this in mind. By choosing Vim, you know there’s always a beautiful ending - whatever the surface, whatever the room, whether it’s a quick spruce-up, or a full deep clean. *Tested on model kitchen and bathroom dirt and surfaces achieving complete soil removal.
Vim Lemon Scent Multipurpose Cleaner


My go to tub and sink cleaner!
I have been using Vim for years. It is my go to for cleaning sinks and bathtubs. I love the fresh lemon scent!
Excellent produit
Le produit nettoyant Vim est très efficace pour nettoyer des taches récalcitrantes. Je l’utilise sur toutes sortes de surface. Le comptoir de cuisine, l’évier de cuisine , le lavabo, le réfrigérateur, la cuisinière et même parfois sur les murs . J’adore le parfum au citron !
Childhood favorite
I was born in Europe and have been using Vim all my life. Tried other products but only Vim meets my standard. It has changed for the better in the last 61 years and is easier to use, they defiantly keep up with times.
Vim crème
Vim s’applique facilement et fonctionne rapidement en laissant mon évier Sparkle à nouveau.
Always gets the job done
I have hard water here and constantly needing to deep clean my kitchen sink. Vim applies easy, and works quick leaving my sink Sparkle again. I like it doesn't have that really strong cleaner scent, and it rinses away clean. I like to use it around my window sills too to keep them bright white and clean.
Great toilet cleaner
I use this stuff all the time to clean my toilet works great not too strong of a smell like some other bathroom cleaners. Just let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing. Gets rid of all the residue. Yes I'd recommend this!
Great cleaner
Vim is an amazing cleaner. I love it because it doesn’t scratch surfaces, cleans really well, and doesn’t have a harsh smell.
super efficace
Pour la salle de bain et cela reste une odeur de propreté. En plus, je le verse sur la surface de la cuisinière, laisse trempé 10 minutes puis je nettoie avec un linge humide, la surface devient comme neuve!
This is my favorite Vim Product!
I love using Vim as it always gets the job done!
Works great
I love vim it works so good to get all stains and marks off of anything you can think off I love using it for pots and pans and for the bathroom it cleans and smells amazing.
Best cleaner
Long time standing one of the best cleaners. I have used this product for years now and love the results. They have even worked the scent and it smells very nice now. I let it sit on the spots that need a stronger effect and it seems to help take the spots off.
Not so great
I found it doesn’t quite get the job done
Vim lemon scent cleaner
I use Vim lemon scent cleaner all the time I find it cleans really well has a great smell to it I just love this product I buy it all the time and I will continue to buy it
Cleans your glass stove top!
I have a glass stove top at home. Whenever it feels too greasy, I use Vim to get the job done! It goes on easily, wipes off well and cleans the glass stove nicely. I don't have to scrub too hard either. After I wipe it off, I go back and use a wet towel to wipe off any residual product. This is my 'go to' cleaner for my stove.
This is my favourite universal cleaner
I stress out when i run out of it. it does wonders to my bathroom, sink, dirty rags.

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