4.2 5 0 119 119 Citrus clean multi purpose wipes. Cleans and disinfects in one wipe.
Vim Power & Shine Multi Purpose Wipes
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Not the best
I wasn't very pleased with these. I would prefer the regular liquid vim. These are kind of dry and just don't do the job as well.
These work great
I like these wipes for the bathroom. They smell pretty good and they are great for cleaning all the surfaces in my bathroom. Even the mirror!
Great for quick clean ups
Great for quick clean ups. I love the fresh scent. Convenient recloseable package
Could smell better
I use this to clean and wipe the bathroom down. It has a chemical smell and I wish it was more of a fresh lemon scent instead. It does a good job of cleaning things down and very convenient as you just pull one wipe out at a time.
Vim wipes
I thought these would be handy to get, but I find there's not alot of liquid to them. They dry out faster than the Lysol or Clorox wipes. Overall this product wouldn't make it on my top 10 list. Sorry
found them kind of dry and not as good as the liquid vim
Handy cleaning wipes
These wipes work very well. They’re handy, and strong enough to clean a good variety of things. The package is resealable which is great. Th scent is nice and not overpowering. I like this product.
Cleans everything
Love, love, love these wipes. Very reasonably priced. I don't know whats in these but they clean unbelievably well. They are scented so they leave a clean smell.
Good smell, a bit dry
Great fresh lemon smell and good cleaning power, however I found the wipe was a little bit dry. I prefer a more moist wipe, but if you like one that isn't super saturated, it's a good option.
THese products are great for a quick clean up on the counter or floors and leaves a great scent that lasts for hours.
These wipes are great. I look forward to buying this again.
These wipes are the best ever! I will not be using another brand now. Vim always has great products.
Each cloth has a good amount of moisture. Counter tops, sinks, toilet seats were easy to clean. Removed stubborn stains that were on counters. I have ocean fresh.
I love these wipes from Vim. Come in handy for a lot of jobs-little or big. Not only do these clean up any messes but they also disinfect as well.
durable wipes, though they feel a bit flimsy. the smell is not quite chemical, not quite natural - weird lemon smell but not too bothersome and does not linger too long (for those with scent sensitivities). would buy this again.

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