4.7 5 0 40 40 Provides soothing relief for dry or tired eyes.
Visine Dry Eye Enduring Moisture
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good product but prefer others
I tried this product as i have extremely dry eyes however, my optometrist recommended Systane drops for dry eyes instead and now i find that those work much better
Instant relief
I have visine dry eye in my desk drawer. Office work is not kind to ones eyes. Staring at a computer screen, fluorescent lighting, old dingy carpets equals dry, itchy, irritated eyes. A few drops in each eye and I’m instantly refreshed and able to continue my work without discomfort.
Since eye surgeries I've found this product to help with my dry eye, especially in the winter months !!@
Finally a safe and reliable product for the eyes!
Visine works fast and it’s safe and 100% reliable. Rejuvenated the eyes quickly and can work on the most tired of eyes. The other great plus point is the price.
Desert Eye fight with Eye Drops
I suffer from dry eye from medications so my eye doctor recommended me eye drops. My eyes feel better and are not itchy anymore. I would highly recommend this product to family and friends.
must have for tired dry eyes
This is a must have for every home. Easy to apply, tilt head back, open eye, drop 1-2 in eye. Instantly clears redness from eyes, helps reduce puffiness and relives itchy feeling. Great for allergies, dust or staying up to late.
Adieu sécheresse
Visine travaille très bien pour humidifier les yeux quand ils sont secs, il leur rend une humidité et un confort pour poursuivre nos activités. Mon conjoint a souvent les yeux secs et Visine enlève l'irritation et le soulage lors des périodes d'allergie.
This product is very benficial if a reaction occurs around the eye area, my eyes are always watery,dry and itchy with my allergies and this helps stop the irritation.
Works well, would recommend to anyone needing their eyes moistened.
Visine always works to clear my red eyes. I've trusted it for years.
I spend a lot of time on my computer/phone and this product has helped my eyes/vision problems caused by dry/strained eyes!
It great on bad allergy days and eye are red,puffy and running, couple drops and it all gone,wonderful product,I will be buying this more often
I work in a butcher room and have to spend time in a smoke house, which dry and irratates my eyes. this product does make a postive difference for my eyes.
Good product, Visine makes good products.
fast working with great relief.But I guess that depends on how your eyes react to the product. For myself and a few friends great. Now if they would only buy their own lol

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