Webber Naturals Wild Alaskan Salmon and Fish Oil

4.5 5 0 57 57 Promotes cardiovascular health and cognitive function. Provides essential fatty acids for good health. Clear enteric softgel technology enhances absorption and prevents the fishy aftertaste.
Webber Naturals Wild Alaskan Salmon and Fish Oil


Fish oil
Doesn’t leave a fish taste..love that..easy to take everyday
Worth it
Great pill and is easy to swallow. I take this daily as I am into working out, and this pill always seems to push my motivation and range of mobility at the gym.
No fishy taste
No fishy taste or smell to these gell caps which is wonderful. They are a bit big but they are easy to swallow. Great product will buy again.
Amazing product
They are really good ! Worth a penny of it, good gummies
Too large
This is an easy way to get your Omegas in but they are much too large for my liking and I was instructed to take 3 a day. No fishiness either which is apparently common? If they were just a bit smaller, easier to swallow I would continue taking them.
Great product
I purchased this as my doctor says this helps lower cholesterol. I don’t get the fishy burps but a little big for my liking to swallow. I would recommend them.
Salmon oil
It's easy to swallow and effective as me and my mom use it.
Love it
I really enjoyed it even though the taste isn’t great. The benefits are really showing after a month of taking it!
Wonderful Fish Oil Supplement
I have always taken fish oil supplements but one of the downfalls of this is the fishy aftertaste. When I switched to this product I found them easy on my stomach and with no aftertaste. I would definitely purchase this again.
Perfect way to supplement
I consume a lot of omega 6 and in order to counteract all the 6 I purchased the Webber Omega 3 supplements. They are easy to take and I don’t have any fishy aftertaste. Usually I take one before every meal. These Webber Omega 3 supplements are made with high quality ingredients and are a great product to supplement with.
Daily omega 3
Great product. I use this every day with my other suppliments. Doesn't have the fishy aftertaste in the pill form.
Excellent product
My whole family love this product. I also purchase this everytime i send package back home. Everybody want me to buy this. It doesnt have a fishy taste and its easy to swallow.
Great for overall health
I purchased this to help with joints and little did i know that fish oil is a natural anti inflammatory! My knee and joint pain is reduces to half after only 3 weeks
Using this for 6 month
No fish after taste and really have noticed a difference in my health. I look for smaller capsules tho. I have a hard time swallowing the bigger ones.
We use this often for ourselves but makes a huge difference in our 10 year old newfoundland dog. Added a littler pep in his step

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