5 5 0 2 2 SLICED STRAWBERRIES - SLICED BANANAS tastes like they were just picked™ Naturally Sweet, No Sugar Added, Rich in Vitamin C, 90 Calories per Serving Welch's FAMILY FARMER OWNED®
Welch`s® Strawberry Banana Mix
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Always nice to have on hand!
I always like to have this bag on hand for smoothies and when I get random ideas! I like to use the strawberries for baking or adding to snacks. I will usually let the dethaw a bit and then put them in the oven to dry out a bit. Today I tried a new recipes and added them for extra colour and taste!
Good way to get fruit into your diet.
I bought this to make smoothies and it is great for that. The strawberries and bananas are a perfect blend for a smoothie. I love it! But my kids like it on their ice cream. It's an easy way to get some fruit into them.

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