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Welch's® Strawberry Banana Mix
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I found the bananas to have very little flavour to them, cant expect a lot from frozen fruit I know! Great in smoothies or to make margaritas with!
Great for smoothies
Don't know what else you would use this for other than smoothies (e.g., not to keep on hand for a fruit crisp). Loved the convenience of having both fruits in the same bag. Would buy again.
great for smoothies
I really enjoy using this product to make my morning smoothies,
I buy head and use them in smoothies all of the time! They taste great and fresh still even though they are frozen! The price point is pretty decent over all and I actually prefer this brand compared to some others!
Wasn't what I had hoped for.
I was somewhat disappointed with this product. The picture is not accurate to when you open the bag and find bananas that are not at all appealing like the picture presents. Taste was still good but the overall appearance was not that appealing.
Always keep some in my freezer
Great for smoothies and love to put on my cereal still frozen so my milk stays cold.
Great Frozen Fruit
I make smoothies regularly and I like putting banana in them to thicken up and quite often I don't have any fresh or banana's that I have frozen myself around. It is nice and convenient that Welch's has this frozen fruit blend with 2 amazing smoothie ingredients. It is a nice mixture of both fruits and is perfect for my smoothies. I have not thawed out the fruit to taste, but in my smoothies it's perfect.
Walsh's Strawberry Banana
This combination of frozen fruit is amazing! It makes a quick smoothie with an explosion of satisfying taste! I have also used it as a quick dessert on cake with a dollop of cream. Quite delicious!
Great taste
Great tasting fruit, great alternative for smoothies. However when I have fresh fruit at home I rather use that, not as much because of the taste but the price.
I love fruit. These are great for smoothies with kale and fruit juice.
My family loves this to make smoothies with great when they don't want to eat in the morning always have a couple bags on hand
I love frozen fruits for smoothies. They thicken them up so nicely and well this blend you can't go wrong with. We use vanilla yogurt, banana and strawberry frozen fruit and my kids love them. We have used them in muffins as well.
J'adore dans mes smoothies ! Mes enfants aussi ! Nous achetons régulièrement les fruits congelés Welch's !
If you make smoothies daily these are a must have! I love them and I have been buying them regularly since they came out. We no longer have to worry about the bananas going bad or having to slice up the banana freezing them our self. It is easy and convenient for someone who lives a busy lifestyle where every minutes counts.
Love this !! Great with yogurt or With some coconut milk in a smoothie!

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